Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas in the mission field is a very unique and special experience

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas!! It was even white for some of you in Utah it sounds like! That is so exciting. Here in Washington we didn't have a White Christmas but that is okay! The weather was actually really nice. Christmas in the mission field is a very unique and special experience. It was weird to stop and have like a "day off" type deal because it feels so weird to not be finding new people to teach the gospel to and teaching the gospel on every door. The more that I am here in the area the more fun we have.

Tuesday is transfers here in the mission but not for any of my companions and I. All 4 of us will be staying here in the same area. The Wapato Park ward can't get rid of us! We are doing well together so I guess President Blatter and our Father in Heaven trust us to stay together and to be able to find a lot of success. I am excited to be here and to work hard here in Wap.

We had a funny experience this week that I'd love to share with you. So this Sunday, we had a tri ward sacrament meeting. They had a choir that performed a number of musical numbers and two weeks ago they asked us missionaries to participate. We knew two weeks in advance that this is something that we were going to do, but we never practiced. So we showed up and as most of you know, I am not a very good singer, so even when I get the chance to practice I don't do that well. So without Practice 6 of us missionaries sang two songs that had parts that we had never practiced except like once, and we sang absolutely horrible. We decided that the members will never ask the missionaries to sing in the choir ever again. Because we never get the chance to practice or to do anything all that effective.

This week was great and as I told my family on the phone call, the church is true. The longer that I am on a mission and I do this work the truer that it gets. Our Father in Heaven has called a Prophet and when we are obedient to the Prophet and to the commandments that we are given, we are blessed. As we approach this new year this week, set your resolutions and be more willing to follow our Father in Heaven than you were this year. I promise you that as you do, you will be able to feel the spirit stronger and you will find more success in everything that you do.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the Holiday season and that you stay safe!

Much Love,
Elder Reynolds

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Elder Trevor Reynolds
Zone picture
Christmas Day Skype

Mission Christmas Card

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Christmas at the Coreys

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! Well Merry Early Christmas I guess that is. Here in the Wapato Park ward we had an early white Christmas on Saturday with 5 baptisms. 4 of them were converts and another was a Child of Record. We had the opportunity to see the Griffith Family, Maya and Donelle be baptized on Saturday as well as 3 of the Masters children. They have been worked with for awhile but it was so exciting to see them be ready to take the steps necessary and be baptized. I love baptisms. They are the most sacred experiences that I have ever had. Having one around this time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ is even better because we get to celebrate with our Father in Heavens children who are being born again and being clean from all of their sin. What a special experience for them.

Our companionship has been sick. We all seem to have a cold but it doesn't put a damper on our energy to do the Lords work. This week Elder Bingham, the newest missionary in our companionship stepped up big time. He is starting to get comfortable and he has such a desire to do good that it is amazing. I love watching the change that happens not only in our investigators but in missionaries over time as they learn and as they grow closer to Christ, they learn and become better disciples for Him.

I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas this week and have an enjoyable time with family and friends as we have this awesome opportunity each year to celebrate! It isn't looking like a White Christmas again this year but that will be alright. Hopefully we will be able to help many people this week.

Love you all!
Elder Reynolds (:

Monday, December 12, 2016

We got snow - White Christmas

This week was a really good week. We were busy and had a lot of really important things going on this Christmas season. There were two main highlights this week that were super duper awesome! First one was we got snow. I don't think it'll ever happen again but we had a good full day of snow. It was awesome. For whatever reason Elder Alvarez (From Florida) who has never seen much snow before was pretty excited but I was pumped. We were in a lesson at a members home with one of our investigators. We had dinner and then taught the lesson and I was just having a party the entire time because it was snowing. It was pretty funny because snow should be normal but here is just isn't. So that was a really cool experience. That night we met with our Stake and Mission President and at the end of the meeting our Mission President asked my companion to make sure that I was driving home. Perks of being from Utah!

When we got home after our meeting we went out on the roof of our house and took pictures because the Gospel Must be preached from the rooftops so we made sure that it happened. Especially in the snow in our super slick bottomed shoes. We about fell off but it was so much fun! ahaha Then the rest of the night was cold and wet and the next day all it did was rain so the snow was gone pretty quick.

Highlight number 2 of this week was our zone conference. Elder Alvarez and I had the opportunity to give a training. It was a lot of fun and we actually did pretty well. Giving a training brings some stress but overall it was really good. We also as a part of zone conference had our conference Christmas party. That was great. We got to send in the pictures of the baptisms that we had this year and have a White Christmas. We are hoping that this year we will be able to have someone be baptized on Christmas day. We'll see how it goes! So if you could pray for anything, pray for the missionaries around the world to be able to have a White Christmas in the mission field wherever they are around the world. It is such a blessed experience to help others to feel of the Love of Christ and the light that can be in their life as they follow Christ and do the things that he would have them do. We know that is baptism. I'm grateful for the ordinances of the Gospel and the blessings that they are in our lives.

I hope that you all have a great week and make sure to focus on Christ this Christmas and throughout the year. I was also asked to give a talk on Sunday in church. I got a call on Thursday and didn't get the chance to start preparing it until Saturday so it wasn't the best that I could have done but it went really well. I talked about how Mary and Joseph had fear and how the Angel of the Lord commanded, Fear Not. We all have a lot of fears in this life but through the knowledge of Jesus Christ we can not fear because I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Love you!
Elder Reynolds

Here is the WAP House crew out on the roof in the snow. Good times!
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Let's Light the World

Wow! Weeks here in Tacoma go by way fast but we get a lot of things accomplished so the days feel like weeks and the weeks feels like days right now. This week was great! We worked hard. One of the biggest fears in this mission is knocking doors after 7:00 at night. During the summer time we will knock and knock until 9 or whenever because it is light outside but during the winter time missionaries seems to get scared and don't knock later. One thing that we have started doing is we will knock until 9:00at night sometimes if there isn't anything else for us to be doing. WOW has it made a difference. I have found people to teach at 8:59 twice now. It is so cool to be able to be at the right place at the right time for those children that Heavenly Father needs us to find. I love it.

My friends and family. During Sacrament meeting I was thinking of what I could bear my testimony on and I was looking through the hymn book because I didn't have my scriptures with me. I was looking I looked at the hymn, "Joy to the World."  In the first verse there is a line that stands out to me. "Let every heart prepare him room". Friends and family we all must be preparing room in our hearts for the Savior and His teaching through this time of year and always. I invite each of you to prepare room for Jesus Christ during the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season. Take time to reflect and feel of the Light and the love that Jesus Christ has brought to you in your life. I promise you, that as you do so, you will be happier. The dark, the snow, the sad things that may happen will be drowned out by the light that you feel. As the campaign goes, lets Light The World. That is such a cool thing that we can do. I really love this time of year just for that reason. It is the coolest thing ever.

I hope that you all will take that opportunity and be able to feel of the love that there is in the air this time of year. We had the awesome opportunity this morning to wake up and be hanging out for a few minutes and to see snow fall here in Washington. Man I don't like how cold it is but the snow is soo cool. All of you who get snow often should be really happy. (: Here is a pic of us all out in the snow this morning as well as a few other pictures of our companionship and the funny things that we do here! I love all of you and hope that you make this week a great one!

There are so many investigators and people who have the desire to follow Jesus Christ here in Tacoma. Especially this time of year. We are working really hard and I know that the fruits will be coming. In two weeks we will have 4 baptisms. I am really excited for the opportunity to help God's children to progress and to feel of his love as they are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. This is such a special time of year and a special opportunity that we have to Light The World. So go and do it.

Elder Reynolds
Woke up to snow! ......Elders Alvarez, Bingham, Briggs, and Reynolds

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankful for the opportunity to help others prepare for baptism and be baptized

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that I did. In the morning we went and played in a turkey bowl with mostly missionaries who are serving here in Tacoma. There were a bunch of us. So there were some members that played as well. It was so much fun. I got beat up in a couple of different ways but that's alright. I hurt my right wrist, and then my left pinky finger as well as my wrist got beat up pretty bad. I should have taken a picture of my finger while it was really swollen because it has gone down now, but it was huge. So most of thanksgiving I was icing my finger and just hanging out. We had so much food. We had 3 members who had us over to their homes. It was awesome. At the first home we just had appetizers so it wasn't too bad. Then the second one was fun and felt a lot like I was just hanging out with family back at home. We ate a bunch of food there and then thought that we were just going to a small dinner in the evening with a Samoan family here in the ward. We thought wrong, we walked in and the table was full and there was SO MUCH food. We ate a full plate and a bunch of dessert. When I was trying to put my shoes on to leave the house, I couldn't bend over to tie my was a struggle. Thanksgiving was a blast.

So thankful for the opportunity to help others to prepare for baptism and to be baptized. On Saturday we had a baptism. I love her family. On Sunday I had the opportunity to confirm her a member of the church so that is always cool. I really love this gospel and the opportunity to help others live it.

This Christmas season is such a blessed time to be serving my Heavenly Father and to Light the World with the knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Savior and our Redeemer. I encourage all of you to take the same opportunity and strengthen your faith this wonderful time of year. I love you!

Elder Trevor Reynolds

Monday, November 21, 2016

Things here in Tacoma are great - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone!

Things here in Tacoma are great. It has definitely been an adjustment coming back to the city. Things are louder, there are more people and a lot more work to do. There are so many people who are willing to progress and take the steps necessary to follow Christ's example. This week we did a lot of work. It started off finishing in Silverdale and that was a lot of fun. It was good to talk to those families that I had grown close to and bitter sweet to say goodbye. Then Tuesday really started off awesome. We made the drive to Tacoma with all of our stuff and then went to work. We live in the WAP House is what it is called and it's a really sweet house that a member has donated to the missionaries so we all live there together and it's a good time. There are 4 of us in the house and we are all companions so it's kind of the same as what things were like in Silverdale but it's a little bit different.

We have a young girl who will be getting baptized this upcoming weekend. It's been cool to step in during the middle of the teaching progress and really see her progress and become a strong young woman who will stand up for her values and do really well as a member of the church. Being here in Tacoma it allows for the opportunity to find a lot more people to teach and I really love it. The people here are willing and ready and we just have to find the ones that will make the commitment and truly change their life and align their will with God's will for them in their life.

My companions are Elder Alvarez, from Tampa, Fl. Elder Briggs, from Wellsville, UT. And Elder Bingham from Syracuse, UT. So we all get along well and it's a lot of fun. It's really fun to be around a lot of missionaries and living with four of them is really fun. We always find some funny joke to play or something to joke about. Elder Alvarez likes soccer so it's easy for us to talk about sports and things and we get along awesome. Usually we work together and Elder Briggs and Bingham work together too. It's really fun. Sister Larsen from BC is still in my zone so for at least the first 6 months of her mission I'll see her at least once a week. Kinda weird but it has been a lot of fun.

Other than that I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We are going to have meals at a few different members homes and it'll be a lot of fun. I hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you enjoy time with your family and friends.

Elder Reynolds

Elder, Briggs, Bingham, Alvarez & Reynolds

Monday, November 14, 2016

Transferred to the Wapato Park Ward in Tacoma

This week was a pretty crazy one. A lot of stuff happened. It feels like forever since Donald Trump was elected to be President. But I guess it really hasn't. Things of the world seem to come and we hear a lot about them and then they immediately go away. It's all good though. Other than that, this week the highlight is transfers. I found out that I will be....staying. Nope just kidding I will be transferred to the Wapato Park ward in Tacoma tomorrow. I will send the address at the end of this email. I will be working with Elder Alvarez, Elder Briggs, and will be training a new missionary! I'm really excited to be working together with them and it'll be a lot of fun. I don't know a lot about any of them, so we'll see how it goes. I know Elder Alvarez, he's really cool and has been out a transfer longer than I have. So I'll be in the Tacoma South Zone/Stake now. I'm really excited but sad to leave'll be good though. It's so much fun to be in the "hub" of the mission with lots of good things goin on.

I got to go to Bainbridge Island to work for the evening and got some really cool pictures of Seattle from across the water. The picture doesn't do a justice, but wow it was absolutely gorgeous! I love it so much. Not as much as I love the WA-TAC but it's a good sight to look at. I hope you all have a great week!

I am excited for the things to come and the wonderful winter here in the WA-TAC. It's going to be great. I hope that all is well for each of you.

Elder Reynolds

Elder Trevor Reynolds
5214 S. Fife St
Tacoma, WA 98409

Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Election Week & Late Halloween

Hey everyone, Halloween last week was a lot of fun. Our zone went to a local members house and had Halloween Jack O Lantern Pizzas and then we watched The Best Two Years. It was a lot of fun. We had to be in by 5:00 and then back to our apartment by 8:00 so it was a pretty quick day. Kind of different to have a full pday.

Here in the zone this week we have seen some really cool miracles. Our specific areas and companionship are working hard to find new investigators and keep those who we have progressing toward baptism. We should be able to put an investigator on date this upcoming week. We have found a few other new investigators and are really working hard to help them to progress and prepare to be baptized. This week was a little bit rough mid-week and we worked out some of the issues just in time for the last week of the transfer..just great! We'll most likely find out on Saturday that things will be changing and I may be going to a new area. I am not too sure yet. I'll let you know next Monday and then Tuesday the 15th will be transfer day. It's going by super quick I can't believe that it is already almost Thanksgiving again.

I'm really grateful for the blessing of the Atonement. Our mission is putting a large focus on coming to know the Savior Jesus Christ more. I know that as we increase our knowledge of Jesus Christ that he is going to help us and be on our team. I'm grateful to know that I have a Savior who is there for me personally no matter what. It's awesome. I hope that you all have the opportunity to come closer to Jesus Christ yourself. Find out that he truly is there for you personally.

Have a great week!

Elder Reynolds (:
Missionary Bowling

Elder Reynolds, Elder Martin, Elder Strong, Elder Atchley

Elder Reynolds

Elder Atchley and Elder Reynolds

Monday, October 31, 2016

I have learned a great deal about patience

New Missionary Training - October 2016

What a good week. We worked pretty hard. I continue to find it harder to be super productive in a foursome because we have double the work that we can get accomplished, but we still have the same amount of work that we have to do as a companionship so it consists of a lot of trying to come up with random stuff to do sometimes. It's been alright though.

There was a family confirmed this week and I invited an investigator to set a baptismal date. We'll see how he responds but I think he's ready to make the commitment. He knows that things are true it is just the final step to enter into the path. I know that through Christ anything is possible and that he will be willing to commit when it is his time.

I have learned a great deal about patience and being willing to allow others to make their own choice. It's really hard, but it works out pretty well. Halloween Today is going to be a really good time. I'm excited for our zone activity. Things are going really well and I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Reynolds

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's awesome to find investigators who have the desire to make changes & commit their life to Jesus Christ!

I had an awesome week! We worked really hard and found a lot of success. It started with exchanges last Monday night with the Poulsbo District leader. We had 6 Elders in our area for Monday night and then Tuesday we were with them until like 4:30! Planning for 6 people was pretty rough, but it worked and we found success as we did so. Then we had a super good night on Tuesday night. At our Book of Mormon study there were 21 people, not 21 investigators. We are working on that, but 21 people were there and it was a really spiritually uplifting meeting where we found a lot of success with our investigators.
Then after we met with an investigator and Elder Strong and I got to teach him. I have been praying really hard for him. We invited him to set a baptismal date by Sunday but then since we had a baptism yesterday we didn't get to talk to him about it. Hopefully pretty soon he will be ready to be baptized. I love the kid. He's really awesome!

The rest of the week went well.  On Friday we had interviews with President Blatter and it was awesome. I am a lot more comfortable around him now than I was early on in my mission. I talked to him about our zone and the missionaries and how I'm doing. I love President! he is awesome and such an inspired man, I love being able to work with him here in the WATAC.

Then Sunday I had the chance to witness a family be baptized. It was DOPE! There were a bunch of people there and always a cool experience to be a part of a baptism. I'm grateful for their family and they have already talked about the final goal of going to the Temple to be sealed together in a year. It's awesome to find investigators who are committed and have the desire to make changes and commit their life to Jesus Christ. I know that this is true.

I had a really unique experience this Sunday at church. The primary program was in one of our wards. The other one is in a couple weeks. The opening song that they sang was Scripture Power. Wow was it powerful. I loved it. Knowing these things are true is such a blessing and the young kids, even 3-5 year olds know that they are true. What a blessing to have this wonderful gospel and the words of God given to us to guide us and protect us no matter what. This gospel is so simple. So simple that children understand. If you have a question, you ask Heavenly Father and study the scriptures and he will show you the answers that you need.

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Reynolds

Marquez Family Baptism

Elders Strong, Reynolds, Atchley and Martin

Elders Martin and Reynolds
Elders Martin
 and Reynolds

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Success Is No Accident-I Love Greenie Faith!

Had a good week here full of lots of fun memories. Working in a foursome brings a lot of unexpected surprises and funny things that happen all the time. It is a joy but makes things hard sometimes too! This week I had the opportunity to meet with the Marquez family and they are ready to be baptized on the 21st of October instead of the 22nd. It is awesome to see their family ready to make this commitment and be ready to be in full fellowship. It's been way too long for them and it's time. I know it is. I'm praying so hard that it will happen.

There was supposed to be a big storm this last weekend but it was pretty normal Washington weather, rain and wet and a little bit of wind. Nothing new to us here in Silverdale! It was pretty fun to get ready with a whole bunch of firewood from members and getting flashlights and candles didn't quite work out though. We didn't have to use any of it so we have just been having a fire in the house to keep things warm for the last few days! It is a change of pace during the evenings and a lot of fun. Elder Atchley our greenie is doing pretty well. he is willing to try whatever and it's a lot of fun to work with him. I love greenie faith. It is awesome. It brings me back to when I had the highest hopes on everything and makes me have them again. It's great! We are finding more new investigators and having more teaching opportunities so I'm excited for what the next few weeks will bring. I hope that you all have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Reynolds (:

attachment:  I have this quote by Pele hanging up near my desk. This is the quote! I love it and I think it is a very important principle to keep in mind as we go throughout our life. 

Elders Martin, Atchley, Reynolds & Strong

Monday, October 10, 2016

I totally forgot how much I don't like rain

Heyy everyone!

I had a really good week and I'm so grateful to be here in the wonderful rainy Washington. I totally forgot how much I don't like rain. On Tuesday we had transfers and during the day we went to Tacoma to pick up our new missionaries who are going to be here in the area with us for awhile. It rained all day, then during our 5-7 knocking it poured. SUPER HARD. It was a really great welcome to this mission for our boy Elder Atchley. He got over it pretty quick and he enjoyed it. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be here in Silverdale.

Then we had MLC on Friday so that is always fun to go and to be with the other leaders of the mission. Elder Call who is an area 70 came and spoke to us. It was a lot of fun. He talked a lot about Repentance and how if we aren't willing to challenge others to change then there are one of two things. Either they aren't worthy of the correction, or we aren't bold enough. Either way it is a lame excuse and we need to do better. I am grateful for the influence of worthy leaders who are ready to share with us the things that we need to know.

Fast Sunday is always a good time to be able to reflect on the things that we learned. The General Conference talk that has stuck out to me over the last day has been Elder Nelsons about Joy. Just finding joy in everything that you do. I know that as you strive to find happiness in your life that you will. It can and will happen. I hope that you all have a great week this week! I love it here in the WATAC. It was cool to see Sister Tueller come here on Tuesday, she is serving in the area right next to mine. Now there is also Sister Petersen (who served in Brigham City) and Sister Larsen from back home all really close here in the WATAC. It's the best! Here is a few pictures.

Elder Reynolds

Elder Reynolds and Elder Martin

Elder Reynolds and Elder Atchley

Elder Reynolds, Elder Martin, Elder Atchley, Elder Strong

Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference is Awesome!

Had a great week here in the WA-TAC! General Conference is awesome and I had such a good time watching it. We had the chance to watch it at four different places. It was really cool and there are honestly so many talks that stood out to me so I can't pick one to focus on. I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay here in the same area and we will be in a foursome. It will be a lot of fun. Elder Strong and I are training and will also have another missionary here with us.

This week we had the opportunity to have the Marquez family set their baptismal date to October 8th. I'm really excited for them. It's going to be really cool. I know that this is true and that things will continue to progress as we work hard and do the things that our Father in Heaven wants us to. I hope that you all have a great week this week!

Elder Reynolds

General Conference paper ties made by a sweet member.  Elder Reynolds and Elder Strong.

Monday, September 26, 2016

This Week Was Good!

This week was good! Another busy week. At the Book of Mormon study class that we have each week we had 3 members for fellowship and a few investigators too. It's really cool to see something like this grow from 1 person and a couple missionaries to members and investigators and missionaries all coming together to study the Book of Mormon and be able to apply it to our lives and share experiences with each other.

The Marquez family didn't come to church and our only issue is that we need them to get to know more of the members. It'll work out pretty quick once we get things going a little bit better than it has in the past with them. Things are really good and I've been having a good time. We helped the Marquez family clean out their garage on Saturday and Michael has quit chewing tobacco and started beef jerky so he taught me how to do it. I can't. It's kinda weird but fun things happen all the time. This week especially. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Reynolds (:

Here are some pictures of a hike that we went on as well as some of the "chew" that I tried at the Marquez home. (: I love elder Strong. He's dope!

Elder Reynolds and Elder Strong - Hike

Elder Reynolds and Elder Strong - Hike

Elder Reynolds

Monday, September 19, 2016

Exchange and Stake Conf Week

This week was kinda a crazy one. It started off on Monday night when we went to the Marquez household and they put themselves on-date for October 15th. So that was awesome to see. We didn't even do anything and she put their family on date. It was a cool experience. Then on Tuesday we went on exchanges with the AP's and that is always fun. It was a good time to go to Tacoma and work with them. The rest of the week was pretty standard. On Saturday we saw the Jansky's and they are progressing. I think they are to the point where they are going to be ready to take the steps they need to, to find out if the church is true or if it isn't. We will be meeting with them again this week to make sure and help them to understand more of the Plan of Salvation and especially our purpose here on this Earth.

This weekend we had Stake Conference, the main focus of the conference was recognizing and sharing who Jesus Christ truly is to us. Many times as members of the church people don't understand that we are Christian. We need to declare these things. I am lucky enough to be here and to Declare that Christ is our Savior every day. But there are millions of people who still don't understand who we are and what we are about. I want you to know. I Believe in Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and my King. As the song goes, with all of my heart, to him I'll sing. I will shout from the rooftops to declare this truth. Each of you can too!

In the Adult session of conference our Stake President talked about creating relationships that will last into the eternities. We have to be having these types of relationships in order to understand and help others know how much we love them. Strive to create friendships that will be forever long and I can promise you that you will receive many blessings. I know that as I do the same I will be blessed and will know more fully of our Father in Heavens plan for each of us.

Hope you all have a great week!
Keep killin' it!
Elder Reynolds

#inthewatacweplayjenga We played Jenga for a FHE with a little investigator at a members home. It was really cool. I love using Jenga to teach the gospel. Thanks to Momma Reynolds for the Jenga set. Gotta love it! Even though I lost.
To see more pics of Elder Reynolds (the mission visit from Elders Uceda and Wetherford, Bremerton/Silverdale Ice Cream Party and the Labor Day Picnic) click on the link below:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Exchange Week

It's been a good couple of weeks. We have been really busy and finding a lot of success. This week was a really fun one. We went on exchanges with two sets of missionaries and they are always fun! One of the nights we had a good time playing Jenga and the other we spent part of the night up talking about "missionary" things. It was a ton of fun. We found a ton of success in the area when there are two companionships working because we can get a lot more work done. Our wards are doing absolutely fantastic. I've really gained a testimony of working with members here in this area.

Last week we had a 17 year old girl in the ward bring one of her friends to church. He went to church when he was younger but he hasn't gone since. I made good friends with him and he came to church again yesterday and we are going to teach him on Wed of this week to help him continue to learn. It's going to be really cool. He came to baptism for another ward last night and he enjoyed it. He is down to play bball with us on Mondays and any other time too and really enjoys the church.

Then we had the opportunity this week to help the Marquez family come a little bit closer to being baptized. They have set a date multiple times and something always comes up. The Mom knows that the church is true, and it is really cool. But the family struggles with the Word of Wisdom. I know that the Word of Wisdom is something that a testimony of it can only be gained by living it so when their family takes the opportunity to live it they will receive the blessings that come.

I love this work so much. This is the best thing that I've ever done in my life. I love you all!

Elder Trevor Reynolds

attachment:Here is a cool little graphic of our zone that we made. We hopefully will be making t-shirts that we can put it on. Gonna be sweet! Also a couple pics on exchanges.

Zone Graphic

Elder Reynolds, Clark Farley and Elder Sutton

Elder Reynolds, Clark Farley and Elder Strong

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Things are going fantastic

This week was really awesome and we had some really dope things happen at church. The "M....." family came and hopefully will be prepared to be baptized in a couple weeks. They've been investigating for over a year now.. but tonight we are meeting with them and hopefully it will go well. We also have 2 other FAMILIES to teach. They are awesome. One of them is Catholic and one is non denominational. The J....'s have 5 kids and are a blended family. They have been married for just a few months but have been together for about 18 months. They are really cool. We have taught them twice and are building a really good friendship with them and they should progress fairly quickly. Then we have the C.....'s and they are a Catholic Family that let us right into their home when we knocked on the door. They are open to us and they are really nice. They have 4 daughters who are between the ages of like 6 and 2. We only talked to them once but have their number and address to go back tomorrow night with a member of the ward. It'll be really sweet!
Aubrey was confirmed yesterday and I was asked to give her the Holy Ghost. It was kind of crazy because it went really fast from the time that she asked me to the time that I actually gave her a blessing.  I was nervous, but it worked out well and was a really cool experience to have Heavenly Father speak through me. 
Our Labor day plans are a big bbq with 3 zones in the mission. 
I'm doing way awesome and things are going fantastic. Hope you all have a great week! 
Elder Trevor Reynolds
zone pic 
hump day socks
hump day shirts