Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Success Is No Accident-I Love Greenie Faith!

Had a good week here full of lots of fun memories. Working in a foursome brings a lot of unexpected surprises and funny things that happen all the time. It is a joy but makes things hard sometimes too! This week I had the opportunity to meet with the Marquez family and they are ready to be baptized on the 21st of October instead of the 22nd. It is awesome to see their family ready to make this commitment and be ready to be in full fellowship. It's been way too long for them and it's time. I know it is. I'm praying so hard that it will happen.

There was supposed to be a big storm this last weekend but it was pretty normal Washington weather, rain and wet and a little bit of wind. Nothing new to us here in Silverdale! It was pretty fun to get ready with a whole bunch of firewood from members and getting flashlights and candles ready..it didn't quite work out though. We didn't have to use any of it so we have just been having a fire in the house to keep things warm for the last few days! It is a change of pace during the evenings and a lot of fun. Elder Atchley our greenie is doing pretty well. he is willing to try whatever and it's a lot of fun to work with him. I love greenie faith. It is awesome. It brings me back to when I had the highest hopes on everything and makes me have them again. It's great! We are finding more new investigators and having more teaching opportunities so I'm excited for what the next few weeks will bring. I hope that you all have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Reynolds (:

attachment:  I have this quote by Pele hanging up near my desk. This is the quote! I love it and I think it is a very important principle to keep in mind as we go throughout our life. 

Elders Martin, Atchley, Reynolds & Strong

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