Monday, February 27, 2017

Zone had an awesome month!

Elder Reynolds and "The Zone" - Sister Larsen, Sister Ellertson, Elder Alvarez (see link at bottom for more pics)

Had a good week this week. We found a lot of new investigators. Owen is doing well. He's been interviewed for baptism and confirmation and will be baptized tonight at 7! The zone had an awesome month and we baptized 8 people so far and with tonight it'll be number 9. That's the best that we've done in a long time so things are really going well around us and as a companionship as well.

We had zone conf and a "Why I believe" fireside this week. Elder Jackson, Sister Ellertson, Sister Larsen and 'yours truly' were together at the fireside- all from Box Elder!

I am learning the power of prayer and the blessings that come as we pray and do the things that need to happen. It's been cool. Other than that we are just busy and finding work to do. So things are well.

Hard to believe that I hit 18 months this week. Weird to say that I'll see you in 6 months, but I don't want to start a countdown until like a week left, so we'll wait. (: I think that's all for this week. I'm busy planning a zone activity for the day so we will see how that goes. Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Reynolds
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I am seeing miracles

Christina, DJ, Elder Alvarez, Elder Reynolds
This week was awesome. We had the coolest experience on Saturday when DJ and Christina entered the waters of baptism just a few short minutes after being married. It was awesome. The ward really came through and supported them. They set up a wedding reception and we actually had 90 people there. It was a lot more than anyone expected but it was great. The time that we spent with them and their family was less than six weeks. Six weeks ago on Sunday, Jan 8th, we knocked on their door. So within 8 weeks their family was prepared to be married and baptized. The church is true because nothing else could have prompted that decision as quickly and had it be as meaningful as it was as the gospel. I am grateful for the experience that it brought to me.

This week we also met with Owen Hadely. He wasn't able to get baptized because of some word of wisdom issues but he has recommitted and will be baptized in just under a week. I am seeing miracles. One of our past AP's was visiting the mission and got the chance to give us some advice. He said the miracles that happen here in the WATAC are better than any other miracles. I agree. The things that have happened here in this mission are amazing. I love it so much. I don't have a lot of time but that is the jist of our week. I hope that you all have a great week and I will look to hear from some of you soon!

Love you all!
Elder Reynolds

Elder Reynolds new suit
Elder Reynolds new suit (2)

Monday, February 13, 2017

I have learned a lot about our Father in Heavens timing

Hey Everyone!
Elder Alvarez and I had a way good week! Hard to believe that Elder Alvarez and I are going to spend four and a half straight months together. It's really fun though. I love the kid and we work way hard together. We have been finding a ton of success and people to teach just keep coming out of nowhere. Right now we have a solid 15 people that we should be able to have on date by the end of the transfer in 6 weeks and most of them should be prepared to be baptized within the next 2 months. They probably could within the next month if we are consistent and they keep the commitments that we ask them to. It's so awesome!
DJ and Christina will be getting married and then baptized right after next Sat @ 5:00 pm. It's going to be way awesome. I'm really excited for that. Then we got an awesome referral from the Elders in the Mountain View ward for a girl and she is ready to hear what we have to share.
I have learned a lot about our Father in Heavens timing. It's cool to see that when we work hard and plant seeds when people aren't quite ready that we eventually begin to see the fruit of those labors. I love the tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives to us.
I hope that everyone has a great week! Love you all!!
Elder Reynolds (:

Some surprise pics on the called to serve watac mission blog!! (MLC and transfer day)

transfer day

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What a great week here in the Wa-Tac!

What a great week here in the Wa-Tac! We had a lot of fun and found a lot of success along missionary work too.

Last Monday we went to the beach at Point Defiance. We hiked down the side of the cliff and it was a lot of fun. We took a crazy old trail and ended up on a beach that probably hadn't been touched in a couple of days. It was a perfectly clear day. Then, yesterday it snowed a lot! We built a snowman and Elder Alvarez took the jump and Karate chopped it. So we had a good time.

On the spiritual end of things, which is why I'm here on a mission, we had a lot of success. We had a really cool lesson with a few of our investigators. DJ and Christina will be getting married and baptized on the 18th of Feb and Owen Hadely will be baptized on Feb 11. At first Owen was really nervous and didn't want to be baptized because he was scared of water. But he had the cool opportunity of attending a couple of baptisms and we had a great lesson with him this last week. He is now super excited to be baptized. He talks about it all the time and every time we go over he wants to practice so that he'll feel comfortable when it actually happens. Seeing the change in people is awesome. The greatest joy that I've ever felt was during the time when I saw someone else make the changes necessary to come closer to Christ.

Repentance is such a cool experience. I don't know if I have shared with everyone before but one of my favorite scriptures is Alma 26:23. When we repent and feel of the love of the Savior we can then share it with others and they will have the desire and the opportunity to follow Christ more fully. I am really grateful for that. Because I'm definitely not perfect but through Christ I don't have to focus on the negatives. I can focus on the positives and continue to become better each day, and so can you. So do it. (: I hope that you all have a fantastic week this week.

Elder Reynolds

Point Defiance

Mr. Snowman (before Elder Alvarez) and video showing the aftermath

Elder Reynolds and Elder Alvarez
February_2017 mission pics