Monday, December 5, 2016

Let's Light the World

Wow! Weeks here in Tacoma go by way fast but we get a lot of things accomplished so the days feel like weeks and the weeks feels like days right now. This week was great! We worked hard. One of the biggest fears in this mission is knocking doors after 7:00 at night. During the summer time we will knock and knock until 9 or whenever because it is light outside but during the winter time missionaries seems to get scared and don't knock later. One thing that we have started doing is we will knock until 9:00at night sometimes if there isn't anything else for us to be doing. WOW has it made a difference. I have found people to teach at 8:59 twice now. It is so cool to be able to be at the right place at the right time for those children that Heavenly Father needs us to find. I love it.

My friends and family. During Sacrament meeting I was thinking of what I could bear my testimony on and I was looking through the hymn book because I didn't have my scriptures with me. I was looking I looked at the hymn, "Joy to the World."  In the first verse there is a line that stands out to me. "Let every heart prepare him room". Friends and family we all must be preparing room in our hearts for the Savior and His teaching through this time of year and always. I invite each of you to prepare room for Jesus Christ during the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season. Take time to reflect and feel of the Light and the love that Jesus Christ has brought to you in your life. I promise you, that as you do so, you will be happier. The dark, the snow, the sad things that may happen will be drowned out by the light that you feel. As the campaign goes, lets Light The World. That is such a cool thing that we can do. I really love this time of year just for that reason. It is the coolest thing ever.

I hope that you all will take that opportunity and be able to feel of the love that there is in the air this time of year. We had the awesome opportunity this morning to wake up and be hanging out for a few minutes and to see snow fall here in Washington. Man I don't like how cold it is but the snow is soo cool. All of you who get snow often should be really happy. (: Here is a pic of us all out in the snow this morning as well as a few other pictures of our companionship and the funny things that we do here! I love all of you and hope that you make this week a great one!

There are so many investigators and people who have the desire to follow Jesus Christ here in Tacoma. Especially this time of year. We are working really hard and I know that the fruits will be coming. In two weeks we will have 4 baptisms. I am really excited for the opportunity to help God's children to progress and to feel of his love as they are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. This is such a special time of year and a special opportunity that we have to Light The World. So go and do it.

Elder Reynolds
Woke up to snow! ......Elders Alvarez, Bingham, Briggs, and Reynolds

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