Monday, September 19, 2016

Exchange and Stake Conf Week

This week was kinda a crazy one. It started off on Monday night when we went to the Marquez household and they put themselves on-date for October 15th. So that was awesome to see. We didn't even do anything and she put their family on date. It was a cool experience. Then on Tuesday we went on exchanges with the AP's and that is always fun. It was a good time to go to Tacoma and work with them. The rest of the week was pretty standard. On Saturday we saw the Jansky's and they are progressing. I think they are to the point where they are going to be ready to take the steps they need to, to find out if the church is true or if it isn't. We will be meeting with them again this week to make sure and help them to understand more of the Plan of Salvation and especially our purpose here on this Earth.

This weekend we had Stake Conference, the main focus of the conference was recognizing and sharing who Jesus Christ truly is to us. Many times as members of the church people don't understand that we are Christian. We need to declare these things. I am lucky enough to be here and to Declare that Christ is our Savior every day. But there are millions of people who still don't understand who we are and what we are about. I want you to know. I Believe in Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and my King. As the song goes, with all of my heart, to him I'll sing. I will shout from the rooftops to declare this truth. Each of you can too!

In the Adult session of conference our Stake President talked about creating relationships that will last into the eternities. We have to be having these types of relationships in order to understand and help others know how much we love them. Strive to create friendships that will be forever long and I can promise you that you will receive many blessings. I know that as I do the same I will be blessed and will know more fully of our Father in Heavens plan for each of us.

Hope you all have a great week!
Keep killin' it!
Elder Reynolds

#inthewatacweplayjenga We played Jenga for a FHE with a little investigator at a members home. It was really cool. I love using Jenga to teach the gospel. Thanks to Momma Reynolds for the Jenga set. Gotta love it! Even though I lost.
To see more pics of Elder Reynolds (the mission visit from Elders Uceda and Wetherford, Bremerton/Silverdale Ice Cream Party and the Labor Day Picnic) click on the link below:

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