Monday, December 12, 2016

We got snow - White Christmas

This week was a really good week. We were busy and had a lot of really important things going on this Christmas season. There were two main highlights this week that were super duper awesome! First one was we got snow. I don't think it'll ever happen again but we had a good full day of snow. It was awesome. For whatever reason Elder Alvarez (From Florida) who has never seen much snow before was pretty excited but I was pumped. We were in a lesson at a members home with one of our investigators. We had dinner and then taught the lesson and I was just having a party the entire time because it was snowing. It was pretty funny because snow should be normal but here is just isn't. So that was a really cool experience. That night we met with our Stake and Mission President and at the end of the meeting our Mission President asked my companion to make sure that I was driving home. Perks of being from Utah!

When we got home after our meeting we went out on the roof of our house and took pictures because the Gospel Must be preached from the rooftops so we made sure that it happened. Especially in the snow in our super slick bottomed shoes. We about fell off but it was so much fun! ahaha Then the rest of the night was cold and wet and the next day all it did was rain so the snow was gone pretty quick.

Highlight number 2 of this week was our zone conference. Elder Alvarez and I had the opportunity to give a training. It was a lot of fun and we actually did pretty well. Giving a training brings some stress but overall it was really good. We also as a part of zone conference had our conference Christmas party. That was great. We got to send in the pictures of the baptisms that we had this year and have a White Christmas. We are hoping that this year we will be able to have someone be baptized on Christmas day. We'll see how it goes! So if you could pray for anything, pray for the missionaries around the world to be able to have a White Christmas in the mission field wherever they are around the world. It is such a blessed experience to help others to feel of the Love of Christ and the light that can be in their life as they follow Christ and do the things that he would have them do. We know that is baptism. I'm grateful for the ordinances of the Gospel and the blessings that they are in our lives.

I hope that you all have a great week and make sure to focus on Christ this Christmas and throughout the year. I was also asked to give a talk on Sunday in church. I got a call on Thursday and didn't get the chance to start preparing it until Saturday so it wasn't the best that I could have done but it went really well. I talked about how Mary and Joseph had fear and how the Angel of the Lord commanded, Fear Not. We all have a lot of fears in this life but through the knowledge of Jesus Christ we can not fear because I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Love you!
Elder Reynolds

Here is the WAP House crew out on the roof in the snow. Good times!
Click on link for more pics.

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