Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Holy Ghost is such a blessing in our lives!

Hello Everyone!!

Another week here in the mission field has come and gone and it feels like days. Also another transfer has come to an end and those feel like weeks so things are going by quick. I love this life so much. 

This week was a good one. It started off pretty well and I couldn't complain. We worked hard and found some good potential but nothing really spectacular happened. Coming closer to the weekend things started to pick up though. We taught a couple lessons and things went really well. 

There is a less active family that has a 9 year old UBC (Unbabtized Child) that we started teaching and we have follow up appointments and she wants to be baptized so now it is just timing. We also are working with the Thompson family again and they have a baptismal date so in the coming weeks they will enter the waters of baptism and be able to have the Holy Ghost as their constant companion to help them through any trials and challenges that they may be facing.

I know that the Holy Ghost is such a blessing in our lives. There are countless times where I have had feelings to go a different way or to knock a certain door or to ignore comments that someone makes so that we don't have to get into a "bash" with them. It brings so many blessings to our lives and I am so grateful for the love that Heavenly Father has for us.

I'm staying here in the same area for my 3rd transfer here and I'm pretty excited. Things should go well and I am looking forward to good things to come over the next couple of weeks. I hope that you all have an awesome first couple weeks of summer. Love you all!

Elder Trevor Reynolds

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seattle Temple Trip

Hey Everyone!!

Another fantastic week here in the Watac! The week started off really well and we did some good things Monday and Tuesday. A lot of our thoughts were geared toward Wed because we had two major events happening. The first was the opportunity to go to the Temple and to feel of the spirit there. I love to see the Temple and going inside is even better. It's amazing. Then on Wed night we had a ward activity that we were in charge of. It was a success. We had quite a few members there and it could have even been bigger and hopefully next time it will.

Then the rest of the week was back to hard work. Going out and knocking on doors and finding new people to teach because our teaching pool seems to have been getting smaller. We have lots of potential teaching pool but not a lot of solid investigators. The Colvins are doing pretty well. Might not be teaching them as much anymore because commitments haven't been kept but that's alright. Jodie also dropped us so we won't be teaching her again for awhile either which means we have to get out and find new people to teach.

I have really learned the virtue of patience. That when we are patient good things happen. It isn't our timing that matters but it is the Lords and his will in our lives. I know that things don't always happen the way that we thought that they would but they do happen and it brings many blessings to our lives.

Last night we got to go the Jacksons and cut their sons hair. I have never done it before but it's pretty safe to say that I am the best stylist around. (; I will attach pictures for the proof. Just kidding. It was a struggle but it was a lot of fun. One of many things that I have started to learn how to do in the "real world".

I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Trevor Reynolds

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Awesome things are happening

Hey Everyone!

A good week here in the WA-TAC. We are working hard and things are starting to pick up more and more. I am happy and working hard brings that happiness.

This week we had the opportunity to teach Jodie. She was planning to come to church but she didn't come because she had a crazy week with her daughter so she didn't get a chance to talk to her friend and come to church. We taught her the Restoration on Sunday night with a member of the ward present and she loved it. She struggled with God allowing us to have trials but that was easy to overcome. She is inviting her friend to come to church this Sunday and we will teach her again. Lots of good things. (:

We also taught Brett Rodgers. He is a new investigator who we knocked into and he has the church history DVD's so we went and watched the Prophet of the Restoration with him and he loved it. He believes it is true and he enjoys reading so he is going to study and read and this week we will teach him again and help him to progress towards being baptized in the coming two weeks. He is awesome and his daughter is a member of the church that we didn't know so that is really cool too!

We had the chance to go over to a members house for p-day and play darts and ping pong and this bean bag toss game. It was lots of fun and was chill for a different thing to do on p-day.

This upcoming week (tomorrow) we get to go to the Temple and go through a session. Our recent Convert Davion Grau-Fay is also searching for family names and we should be going to the Temple again with him and another member.

Awesome things are happening here in this ward and I love it so much! I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week~

Much love,
Elder Trevor Reynolds (:
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Patient Persistence

Hey Everyone!

This week was a great week here in the Deschutes River ward!! We didn't have the chance to go out and work as much but we still saw success. The Colvin's came to church again and they are progressing and preparing to be baptized. We gave them some scriptures to read and they are going to pray about a baptismal date. I love their family so much and this gospel has already brought them so many blessings. They have gone out and bought slacks and shirts and are going through the efforts to make this a permanent pattern in their life. I love it. The Gospel works miracles for those who ask, receive. It's a wonderful concept I love it so much!

We met with Jodie last night and she is planning on coming to church this week. She has been through a lot of hard things in her life and she knows that this is important. She is struggling with a desire to have a beer during seahawks season. If people weren't seahawks fans then we would be able to help more people. Especially during the season. NFL football is horrible. Just kidding. Well not really. She is praying about a day to be baptized and because of anxiety hasn't set one yet but she is working on it. Just have to be patient.

Being patient has got to be one of the hardest things to master in life. Momma Reynolds always would say patience is a virtue or something along those lines and it is so real. You have to learn to be patient and when you do then you begin to find more success. It's hard to let people go at their own pace when it seems so simple for them to go faster but our Heavenly Father has his plan and things are going well. A lot of the people that we are teaching right now (Jodie and the Colvins) have a desire to do things at their own pace and it makes things hard but good. It's helping me to learn and grow and become the best that I can be.

I know that through patient persistence we can and do see miracles all the time. I love this gospel with all of my heart and I am so thankful for all that I have.

Happy Mothers Day a few days ago to all of the mothers in my life!! I love you all!!

Elder Trevor Reynolds
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Elder Stevens desk

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello Familia y Amigos!!

Hello Familia y Amigos!!

I guess you could say that I pretend I'm serving a mission and speaking the Spanish language. All the time when we are out knocking we will knock into someone who says they only speak Spanish so I speak to them in my horribly broken Spanish that they probably can't understand. It's kinda fun though. I enjoy making myself look stupid I guess.

This week was really good here in the Deschutes River ward. We saw miracles. It was really cool to have 11 Investigators come to church and feel of the spirit and prepare to be baptized. I know that when we are doing what we are supposed to that Heavenly Father blesses us with opportunities that are indescribable. It is the best thing ever.

We also had the opportunity to get a new car this week. A brand new 2016 Corolla. It's kinda lame but its fun to have something new to zip around in. I am doing really well and I know that even when things are hard our Heavenly Father watches out for us and gives us blessings beyond our own deserving.

I hope that you all have a great week and that all the mothers in my life and everywhere have a Happy Mothers Day!! I love you all!!

Elder Trevor Reynolds (:

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Why I Believe Fireside

Why I Believe Fireside

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