Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's awesome to find investigators who have the desire to make changes & commit their life to Jesus Christ!

I had an awesome week! We worked really hard and found a lot of success. It started with exchanges last Monday night with the Poulsbo District leader. We had 6 Elders in our area for Monday night and then Tuesday we were with them until like 4:30! Planning for 6 people was pretty rough, but it worked and we found success as we did so. Then we had a super good night on Tuesday night. At our Book of Mormon study there were 21 people, not 21 investigators. We are working on that, but 21 people were there and it was a really spiritually uplifting meeting where we found a lot of success with our investigators.
Then after we met with an investigator and Elder Strong and I got to teach him. I have been praying really hard for him. We invited him to set a baptismal date by Sunday but then since we had a baptism yesterday we didn't get to talk to him about it. Hopefully pretty soon he will be ready to be baptized. I love the kid. He's really awesome!

The rest of the week went well.  On Friday we had interviews with President Blatter and it was awesome. I am a lot more comfortable around him now than I was early on in my mission. I talked to him about our zone and the missionaries and how I'm doing. I love President! he is awesome and such an inspired man, I love being able to work with him here in the WATAC.

Then Sunday I had the chance to witness a family be baptized. It was DOPE! There were a bunch of people there and always a cool experience to be a part of a baptism. I'm grateful for their family and they have already talked about the final goal of going to the Temple to be sealed together in a year. It's awesome to find investigators who are committed and have the desire to make changes and commit their life to Jesus Christ. I know that this is true.

I had a really unique experience this Sunday at church. The primary program was in one of our wards. The other one is in a couple weeks. The opening song that they sang was Scripture Power. Wow was it powerful. I loved it. Knowing these things are true is such a blessing and the young kids, even 3-5 year olds know that they are true. What a blessing to have this wonderful gospel and the words of God given to us to guide us and protect us no matter what. This gospel is so simple. So simple that children understand. If you have a question, you ask Heavenly Father and study the scriptures and he will show you the answers that you need.

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Reynolds

Marquez Family Baptism

Elders Strong, Reynolds, Atchley and Martin

Elders Martin and Reynolds
Elders Martin
 and Reynolds

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