Monday, June 5, 2017

We had quite an eventful week

We had quite an eventful week this week. I'll start off with the good news along the lines of missionary work then share a couple stories...we had some crazy things happen this week. Last Sunday we were at church and a couple stopped my companion Elder Chidester in the hallway. She said, "Hey we just came up here on vacation from California and got stuck up here so we can't go back." We later learned that they had taken all the lessons from the missionaries in Cali and had actually been married a few months back. They were planning on returning to California and being baptized, but they were stuck. So they came to church with us last week and this week, and last night they were baptized. Heavenly Father blesses us with miracles when we do His will. I love it.

Along the lines of a little bit more crazy news...Saturday our companionship decided that we were going to do what we call a 9-9. It's where we skip part of our studies and we knock doors from 9 am to the end of the night when we go home at 9 pm. So we got picked up in the morning and dropped off at the bottom left corner of our area where we had breakfast with a member. After breakfast we started walking toward the other corner of our area. We knocked every door on every street that we walked on. It was way fun. During this time we walked passed a small strip mall on the corner of two major streets. It was like 4 in the afternoon and as we were walking we see a guy come running out of a "smoke shop" with a giant Bong. About 2 seconds later we saw the owner of the store coming running out after him. They run around the backside of the bldg so we walked around the other side. As we were walking another man came out of the store and walked around the corner of the bldg that we were approaching. As soon as he turned to the back of the bldg he pulled out a gun and started running toward the other guys that were on the backside of the bldg. People were yelling call 911 call 911 so we did and the cops rolled up a few minutes later. No one got shot and the guys that were trying to rob the place took off in a car. We had to fill out witness papers and give the cops some hints. Quite the event for the missionaries. (: I think that's all. Hope you all have a great week. The mission life is wonderful and full of miracles. (:

Elder Reynolds

Baptism time with the ward mission leader

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