Monday, June 19, 2017

Being Genuine

Well this week was a good one. It went by way slow but way fast at the same time. Having a new companion always shakes things up a little bit but we are having a ton of fun. We have 2 missionaries that are going home in 5 weeks and then Elder Anderson and I in our companionship! It's a lot of fun because we are all experienced missionaries and we are able to get out and work. This week we saw a lot of success through finding. We have a focus each week for mission goals and this week was about finding New Investigators. So we focused on it and found a lot of cool people.

I read a talk this week given by President Uchtdorf titled "On Being Genuine." He talks about how we need to have our heart in the right place in order to receive and have the blessings come for what we are doing. Then in Elders Quorum at church we talked about the same thing. It's so important as we go throughout life whatever we do, we have to be genuine about it. He shared a story of putting on a show for a group of people who are coming to see a magnificent city and they fake the city. I know that as we are genuine in our study and our learning that we will get the results that we can learn and be able to find truth that brings happiness and joy to our lives.

As we read about in the Book of Mormon, a people who were called the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's chose to be genuine in their commitment to not pick up their weapons of war. As they made that decision they were blessed. Some of them were killed but those who weren't knew that because they had been obedient they were in Paradise and were resting from the struggles of life. I'm so happy to know that as we genuinely follow our savior that we have that comfort and Salvation. Here is a link to the talk. If you haven't listened to it since it was given, I would listen to it. Love you all!

Elder Reynolds

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