Monday, June 12, 2017

This transfer I have gained a huge testimony of fasting #fightme

Hey everyone! Great week here in the WATAC! This week was full of a lot of hard work. For the first time since being here in Lakewood we had a couple of sit down lessons. It was pretty good. Often here in this area we end up doing a lot of finding. We knock a lot of doors and find through that, they don't usually progress though. BUT! This week they began to progress. We had people who kept return appointments and allowed us to come sit down and talk with them.

This week one of our investigators who is in the army headed out to a training. We stopped by Saturday night to find out if He would like to come to church and He couldn't cause he was leaving but he showed us all of his gear and told us that we needed to try it we did. I think it looks pretty cool! We had a good time that's for sure. Hope you enjoy the pictures! #fightme

This transfer I have gained a huge testimony of fasting. Every Sunday we fast and every Sunday we see miracles. This Sunday morning a young man called us and said, "Hey, you guys knocked on my door a little bit ago and I want to come to church." So we found him a ride. Unfortunately because of the agency of his parents he wasn't able to come. But in time he will. That was kind of a bummer but then...we were going around following up with all the people that we had committed to come to church and we had the thought to call a guy that we had ran into a couple days before. WE called him and asked if he would want to come to church and He said YEP! So we got him a ride and picked him up and he came to church. He said, "When I came here Today I felt something that I've never felt before in my life. That young man felt the Spirit and He is committed to be baptized this weekend. So..when we show Heavenly Father what we are willing to do, He is willing to bless us accordingly. It's so cool! I absolutely love it.

So if you want to see miracles in your life. Show got that you want them by exercising your faith and God will bless you. It may not be in the way that you think...but He will! Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Reynolds                                                                                 

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