Monday, April 24, 2017

We had a miracle happen

This week was a good one. We had zone conference, it was all about baptism, passion, and being better at finding people through door approaches. The best things ever to be trained on. It is what all missionaries everywhere can do better. 

We had a miracle happen yesterday. We were sitting in Sacrament meeting and no one showed up. Not members or non members. We had no investigators there and not even half of the regular members were there. When your investigators don't come to church, it's hard to find a reason to be there. So all of sacrament meeting I was struggling. At the end of Sacrament meeting I got a text from one of our investigators that the reason that she can't come to church is because of work. She text and said, "My client left with her son so I am free and we'll be to church in a few minutes." I was super excited. She came to church and that means she's come twice, so she will be baptized this upcoming Saturday. It was cool. I taught Gospel Principles on the Church of Jesus Christ in former times and talked about the pillars of Christ church and how they fell away into Apostasy and how because of that falling away we have the fullness. I didn't go into the Restoration because that is next weeks lesson, but she loved it and told us that she wanted to be baptized. So we are gonna make that happen.

This upcoming week we will also have what we call the "Why I Believe" fireside and DJ, Christina and Dale Johnson, 3 of the Recent Converts over the last month or so, are going to be sharing their stories. It'll be cool to see those who I worked with share. This upcoming week we are also planning to go to the Temple with DJ and Christina to help them perform baptisms for deceased ancestors. Pretty excited for that. They are the coolest people ever. We are actually teaching their daughter now too and her Sister. So their is a bunch of people coming to the church because of their conversion. They also have a son who will come around to it in time but he isn't quite ready at this point. Things are going awesome. Transfers are next Tuesday, so this upcoming Saturday I'll know whether I stay here in Wapato Park or whether I get transferred. There is rumor I might stay, but I honestly have no idea what will happen. Just going to roll with it and work as hard as I can wherever I go. 

I had a cool experience this week that helped me to know that the mission is the absolute best place that anyone can be at this point in their lives. I've known that my whole mission and had experiences before that helped affirm that knowledge but this week I had a standout experience that helped me really solidify my knowledge more. I've never felt the spirit stronger than while serving the Lord. It's with me all the time and it is great, but the other day we had a guy "bash" us and it caused the spirit to leave the conversation and it SUCKED. I hated it. It's really nice to have the guidance all the time and when I don't have it I don't like it. All of us need to seek for that guidance to be with us always because without it life is a whole lot harder. Hope that you will all take the chance to do what President Hinckley invites us to do in Preach My Gospel. “Every morning … , missionaries (I say all people) should get on their knees and plead with the Lord to loosen their tongues and speak through them to the blessing of those they will be teaching (in contact with). If they will do this, a new light will come into their lives. There will be greater enthusiasm for the work (life). They will come to know that in a very real sense, they are servants of the Lord speaking in His behalf. They will find a different response from those they teach (associate with). As they do so by the Spirit, their investigators (friends or associates) will respond under the influence of the same Spirit.”

—President Gordon B. Hinckley

I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week! 
Elder Reynolds 
 Zone Conference April 2017

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