Monday, April 17, 2017

Zone Meeting and MLC


This week was really good. We worked really hard and are finding really cool people, they just aren't as committal as they need to be. We are working on helping them make the final steps to be baptized. 

Easter here was interesting.  We had a really good dinner at a families house in the ward. They made Cafe Rio type stuff - it's my favorite. Then for church, like nobody came. It seems like all the families went to church with their family elsewhere. That's okay though, the Spirit was still there. 

We also had a street contact this week where 5 people bashed us. It's so frustrating when people try to Bible bash because it never gets them or us anywhere, but they sure seem to try. 

I am way short on time, so I will send more next week. I love you all!

Elder Reynolds 
Zone Meeting and MLC Pictures-
Sister Ellertson & Larsen, Elder Reynolds & Droubay

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