Monday, March 27, 2017

New Companions

What a great week. It's weird right now to get to the end of it and look back and it feels like I've had my companions for forever. We all get along well and it took about two days to get into the swing of things with them and since that point it has gone as usual. They are fantastic. Elder Droubay is from Tooele, UT and he went to Stansbury High School. We knew each other coming out from the MTC. I knew he liked dirt bikes but I didn't know that he knows everything about them and who rides them. It's like me with most sports, but with dirt bikes. He's awesome and we get along great. Elder Trebilcock is from Roswell, GA. It's north of Atlanta, that's all I know. He's a super funny kid and when his energy gets up he has a ton of fun. Knocking doors in a threesome is a little bit interesting, but it's a lot of fun. 

We saw some progress in a couple of our investigators this week, but with a new transfer and new companions and changes happening it was a little bit slower than things might have normally been. Right now we have a lot of people that are in hover stages because they haven't made it to church as much as they would like before they have the chance to progress to be baptized. I think the highlight of the week is new companions. We might be getting another one this week but I doubt it. It seems like it'll probably just be the 3 of us for the next 5 weeks doing our best to baptize as many people as we can here in Wap. I love the people here a lot. It's so much fun to be able to get out and talk with them. 

This upcoming week is General Conference so that is always exciting. All of you should watch it. (: What a chance to listen to the Prophet speak. Such a blessing in our lives to have that fresh off the press inspiration from God every 6 months. Hope that you all enjoy it!

Elder Reynolds

Transfer Day Pics

Elders Droubay and Reynolds

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