Monday, March 6, 2017

I am grateful for the power of the Spirit in our lives

Baptism of Owen Hadely - Elder Reynolds & Elder Alvarez
Hey everyone! This week was awesome. We found some good success and had a baptism on Monday and he was confirmed yesterday at church. Owen Hadely was one of the hardest children's baptisms ever. We actually had to work hard to prepare lessons and help him feel the spirit to prepare to be baptized. When we first started meeting with Owen just over 2 months ago he wouldn't be baptized because he was afraid of water and wanted to be older before he did it. It took two months of twice a week visits bringing the spirit to help him to make the decision. He had a struggle within the week of his original baptism date with Coffee and Tea, which made it seem like he wouldn't ever get baptized because after having to change his baptismal date he decided to go to another church. This was kind of a shock. But we went back later on the next week and talked with him and he said, "That wasn't really church, that was more a concert." So he made the decision to be baptized on Monday Feb. 27th and he did it. It was awesome. I am grateful for the power of the Spirit in our lives. It was so cool to see the spirit change someone and help them to feel ready for something that originally they didn't feel ready for at all.

This week we also had the cool opportunity to knock with our Mission President's grand nephew. He is a convert to the church of about 3 years and just returned home from his mission 4 weeks ago. He came knocking with us on Friday from 5-7 and we found a really cool experience. We got into 4 homes and had the chance to find a fantastic new investigator named Misti. Misti went to church in Tacoma with us before but recently moved to our area and we happened to knock on her door. She's been through a lot so we were able to go into her home and share a short message.  We didn't share the Restoration yet, but we talked to her about the happiness that the gospel can bring and she committed to come to church. She didn't come because her son got sick but they are going to come this upcoming week and she will be baptized in the month of March. We are meeting with her tonight to talk with her more.

We also had a scary of our investigators attempted suicide and is in the hospital. So if you could be praying for Brandi and her family that would be awesome! Other than that the week was really good and a lot of positive experiences. We have so much fun here in the WA-TAC. I hope that you are all doing well and that you have a great week.

Last Monday we also had a Zone Activity where we did a picture scavenger hunt around downtown Tacoma. It was a lot of fun. We lost, the sisters won the race so they got to take our trophy. I should have taken a picture of it but I didn't. It was a lot of fun though and the zone had a great time together. Here is a pic of the companionship doing our favorite yoga pose in front a cool little fountain in downtown Tacoma. We got to wear our street clothes which was a lot of fun. Busy busy work is always good.

Elder Reynolds
companionship doing our favorite yoga pose 

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