Monday, March 13, 2017

The work is hastening here and I love it!

This week was wet. It's still raining right now. We had two days straight this week where it rained all day non-stop. Pretty normal spring weather for Washington but tracting in the rain gets old that is for sure. While out working we found a lot of success though. We knocked the street that we live on and found a couple really cool people. One, a High School teacher that has a lot of Mormon students and is willing to listen. She let us in and we taught a short simple lesson and we'll be going back tomorrow.

We had some awesome people come to church. Misti came to church this week, she's a single Mom with a 5 year old and she is really starting to progress. This week we had a lesson with our Bishop. It was a great lesson and she is taking strides. We also have another couple that is going to be getting married and baptized this month. I'm pretty excited to see that happen on the 25th. The work is hastening here and I love it.

We had a way funny experience the other day. We were on our way to the church and there is a back alley near the church that we often will take because it is faster than taking the main roads. While heading down the alley we looked up and saw a couch and a mattress just laying in the middle of the alley. So we had to get out and move it. just a reminder of how uhh interesting of a city that Tacoma is. Most of Tacoma is really nice but the neighborhood that the church is in, isn't so nice. I will attach a picture so that you can all see because it was quite funny.

We also had a meeting with President Blatter and got some "transfer buzz". There is a good chance that I'm staying and Elder Alvarez will leave and that I might be covering two wards. We will see how things go from here on out. I'm excited for change but with Elder Alvarez and I serving 3 transfers together it's gonna be a little different. That's good though. I hope that you all have a fantastic week.

Elder Reynolds :)

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