Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What are the odds?

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome. We had the opportunity last Wednesday to attend the Seattle Temple as a mission. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. I know that it is such a sacred experience and it brought a lot of peace to some of the struggling missionaries here in the field. I know that my Father in Heaven lives and that he is individually a part of each of our lives. It's amazing to see that. This week I have been studying in preparation for a training that I will be giving tomorrow at a zone meeting. In studying for this I learned that we are a part of the Plan of Salvation and that the decisions and choices that we choose to make can and will affect others and their ability to follow Jesus Christ.

This week we also had some other fun experiences. Yesterday we were at Walmart and we were near the hair care section. We as missionaries play a game called "
What are the odds?" Many of you have probably heard of it or if not you'll understand. So I looked at one of my companions and said, "What are the odds that we die our hair black?" When he put the odds out there we both said the same number. So we did it. Kind of a unique mission experience but it was a lot of fun. I will attach pictures of our activities and what happened. So on the spur of a moment decision we purchased the hair die and all four members of our companionship died our hair black yesterday afternoon.

We taught some really awesome lessons this week. Elder Alvarez, about 2 weeks ago now, wanted to knock a street that I have knocked twice and he has knocked probably 10 times. I didn't want to knock it again but him and another one of my companions Elder Briggs went and knocked it. They found Christina. We then went back and taught her this week and her and her boyfriend DJ accepted a baptism date on the first lesson and they came and took a church tour, came to church, and are still planning on being baptized on the 29th of January. I am praying that they will have the desire and be ready to be married before then as well as quit smoking and drinking and whatever else they may struggle with. They are awesome. I am grateful for teaching opportunities such as this one where we get to see people change and find happiness in their life.

Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Reynolds
Elders (Men in Black) hair

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