Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Beautiful Week Here In The WA-TAC

Hey Everyone!!

What a beautiful week here in the WA-TAC. The bipolar weather is the most popular thing here. It's been 80 degrees and even up to 90 and then it drops back to 50-60 degrees often. Definitely better than constant rain though. With the weather being horrible I have coughed like crazy and it could be allergies or sickness but coughing is no fun. Luckily it doesn't make it so that I have to stay home I can still go out and go to work.

We had a ton of success this last week. The Colvin family came to church and they are on date for this upcoming Sunday. It's going to be fantastic. We also have Marty on date for May 8th so as long as they pray and ask God they will be prepared to be Baptized on those days. It's going to be awesome. We also had lots of lessons and found new investigators. Our mission had a goal of 375 New Investigators and we blew it out of the water and had over 600 New people to teach. Miracles happen all the time when we work for them and pray for them. I know that through our Heavenly Father we can do all things.

I also learned this week that when we don't know how to do something we do things better than if we do know how to do them. Once we get comfortable doing things then we don't put forth as much effort and make them as good as they could because we have it all figured out. Liz Wiseman said in a talk given at BYU, "Who wants a job that they are qualified for, that means there is nothing to learn." I took this to heart and I look for things to do that I am not qualified for. If we are not qualified, we find success because we work to be qualified. Friends and Family we are not qualified for the Kingdom of God but if we rely on him and do things that we don't know how to do we will make it and will be welcomed into his presence. I know this is true with all of my heart.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Reynolds

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