Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Determination and Hard Work

Hey Everyone!!

This week was a good one. We got a lot done and have been finding success. The Colvin's have been progressing and I think they are ready to commit to a baptismal date. They are taking steps to bring other people to the church before they even come themselves. On Saturday we stopped by to remind them about church and they invited all of their family and friends that were over for a BBQ. It was awesome. They didn't end up being able to come but that's alright we will get them to come next week. They are committed to come and it is fantastic. Their family is seeing the blessings of coming to the gospel more and more. We teach them often and they trust what we say.

Last night we also taught someone new that we found named Shawna. She's talked to lots of missionaries before and we basically told her straight up that the gospel brings blessings and that if she finds this out she will be baptized. If we give commitments and are straight with people they listen more. It's fantastic.

On Friday we went on exchanges with the District Leader so I worked in a different area. It's so weird to do it for a day but not too bad. While working there we found lots of success in an area that generally hasn't found success. It all comes with determination and hard work. We got to go bowling on Monday for pday too and that was crazy with a bunch of missionaries but things are going great. I know that through prayer miracles can and do happen. I hope you all have a great week. Love you all!

Elder Reynolds

*Transfers are next week on the 19th.
Washington is a beautiful place I love it so much!!

A pretty area where they were knocking doors
Flowers right outside the door at their apartment
A little golfing on their break in their backyard
Still taking selfies :)

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