Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another good week here in the WATAC!!

Hey Everyone!!

Another good week here in the WATAC!! We had some funny things happen. We had zone meeting and the mission president and assistants came. That only happens to one zone and for whatever reason they chose the Lacey Zone so that was fun. It's always great to have our mission president around. He brings such a special spirit and makes the meeting better cause quite honestly all the missionaries make comments and do things they normally wouldn't do to get President's attention and try to "suck up". It's funny cause some of us notice it and we laughed way hard about it.

We taught the Colvin's like 3 times and they are starting to progress a little bit more. They havent' been reading and praying as a family and that is the biggest difference. If we read and pray and ask God then we can know the truth. They didn't come to church again but they are on date for May 1st so they should come this week. Please pray for them if you get the chance. They are such a special family and I know that this Gospel will bless them. It already has and they talk all the time about the change that has come. The Gospel brings changes to our lives that bring more happiness and joy than ever before. I know that they need this.

Yesterday (Monday) we were knocking on doors and we knocked on the door and started talking to this lady. We found out that her name is Kristen later on and she wasn't too interested and like many others said I'm already Christian. So I asked, "Well have you been baptized or is that something that you would like to do?" She said well I have been. It led perfectly into explaining how we have the authority from God and that through that authority we must be baptized. We set up an appointment to meet her at the church on Wednesday.

We also walked onto a property and said Hello How's it going? His first response was I'm a Christian. Elder Stevens said well would you like to be baptized?? He said, Yes. I need to do that. We put him on date for May 8th and he agreed and is planning to be baptized and we are going back on Saturday to talk to him more about it.

Miracles happen friends and family. We just have to be Bold and invite and our Heavenly Father will bless us with experiences that are beyond comprehension and make no sense, but because of the way that we feel, we know that these things are true. I hope you all have a great week!!

Much love,
Elder Trevor Reynolds

*FYI - Elder Reynolds will be staying in Rainier with the same companion, so no new address.

Pictures are from the Lacey Zone Meeting and the "Why I Believe Fireside"

Elder Reynolds and the mission momma

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