Monday, October 5, 2015

The work is going forth (a little bit slower, but forth nonetheless)

Hey everyone!!

This week has been a good one even though it's probably been the hardest for me yet here in the mission. Not because of homesickness or anything just because the work has been a little bit slower even though we have still been working just as hard. It's been a really long week too especially because of General Conference. I got so much out of Conference. One of the favorite things that I got out of it is the things that mothers do for us. My momma is the absolute best. She has raised me so well even though sometimes she probably thinks different.

This week was good though. We had a chance to meet a new investigator and his son. His name is D and his son is E. Monday night we taught them and we weren't expecting much. We met them through a member who is having them live at his house. This member had us come over and meet with them as a part of them living at his house. We thought it would suck but we ended up putting D and his son on date for the 24th. They were supposed to come to conference but when we called the member E answered and things got really weird and they didn't come. Hopefully we will be able to keep working with them though. D just got out of prison a couple weeks ago and is looking to be baptized and change his life for the better so that should be really good for us. It was a miracle that he actually allowed us to meet with him and that he is interested and fairly solid.

T is also on date for the 24th and is doing really well she is reading and has desires to change even before we tell her so hopefully as we teach the commandments she will continue to accept and live them. Her dad is a member so that could be a really good influence. Our mission is focused on getting lessons with members in the home with us. We call them Member lessons. We are really focused on getting members with T so that she will feel the love and support that the church can and does bring to people every single day.

We are also teaching a few others but I don't have a lot of time to write so I'll just keep it at that. Keep praying that we can find those 400 more people in a few months! I have faith that we can make it there. I love this work. I have found regeneration through conference to come to work harder and invite people to be baptized and come into this gospel that has blessed so many peoples lives every single day.

I just need to center myself in Jesus Christ and allow God to mold us into whatever he has a desire for us to become and whatever he wants me to become I will allow him to help me get there and do all that I personally can to get there.

A lot of people here seem to think that all we have to do is say that we accept who Jesus Christ is and that we will be saved and we don't have to do anything while we are here. Friends and family, we do have to do EVERYTHING that we can in our power to find our way back to live with our Heavenly Father. I love you all so much. Things here in Washington are amazing and the work is going forth. Keep praying and hoping for missionary opportunities yourself and you will find them. I promise. You all are the best.


Elder Trevor Reynolds

Elder T uploaded some pictures to DropBox.  I think it pops up with a box telling you to start a DropBox account, but you can close it and move on to the pictures without starting an account.

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