Monday, October 12, 2015

another great one here in the WA-TAC

Hey everyone!!

This week has been another great one here in the WA-TAC!! This week was my companionship's bike week so we walked a lot!! Bike week just means that we don't have a car. This week me and my comp didn't ride our bikes once! It sucked but I'd rather not ride the bike in this area because the hills are SOO bad. We did a lot of walking and I got really tired but the walking is getting easier every day because we do more and more of it each week. I really like going to work and if we aren't out doing something I feel really guilty so it's good because we always find ways to be busy and working hard.

I bought a golf club so when we are bored at the apartment during decomp at night time we play mini golf and things at the apartment and the feeling is always relaxed and super duper fun. We got haircuts a week ago. My hair was getting so long and now it is so short. My first haircut of the mission was great!! The Bishop's wife who is not professional cut it and she did a good job. My hair hasn't been this short since my freshman year so it's kinda weird but not bad and I'm adjusting well!

This week I had my hardest working day yet. We got up and we had on schedule 4 member lessons with investigators that all fell through in the morning, so we looked at each other and said, "alright lets go to work then, we gotta find more people to be teaching." We left the house at about 12:30ish after lunch and walked to downtown Poulsbo and went to work. We ended up knocking on doors for like 4 1/2 hours that day. I got home and was so exhausted but we actually found 2 new investigators on that day and it was the most successful day yet!! It was fantastic. Exhaustion always pays off and I realize if I'm not exhausted by the end of the day than I didn't do something right.

I also had my first time in the mission having the F word said to me. We knocked on this door and this guy was really nice and we were having a good conversation with him. He told us that Jesus Christ was reincarnated and all my companion said was No. It took about a half a second and this flipped a switch in the guy and he was scary and devilish!! He looked at us and said get the F off my property right now and don't come back. So we turned to start walking away like, What just happened?? We got about 10 feet down the sidewalk to the dirt road and he opened the door and yelled that no missionaries had argued with him before and that he was going to call the church and things. He used the F word a couple more times and yelled at us to leave and we turned around and left. It was unfortunate because what we were talking about wasn't arguing or anything. It makes me sad to see people not want the things of the gospel but I know that if and when they are prepared we or other missionaries will find them and they will be baptized.

The mission is soo much fun. We also had the Pineapple express come into town. That is a storm that came from a typhoon that hit Hawaii. It was rainy and warm so it was cool. There was some crazy flooding in the area but none of it affected too many homes or anything that we know of. It was taken care of by like 6ish that night and it ended up a really pretty day. It was soo much like Utah weather. I love this gospel and the mission life is now my life and I am doing everything that I can to help others come unto Christ through baptism and confirmation and that is my sole purpose and the lives of people being changed is inspiring to me and I hope that I can continue helping others to do that always.

My comp sings in the shower every day now and it is so much fun to sing country songs. Momma you told me I better enjoy the music while I can...well we still sing those songs. I hear them all the time from other missionaries and especially from Elder Piel. He does well singing and I actually enjoy it.

Things here in the mission are great. Thanks for all your support at home. You are all the best. Love you!!


Elder Rey Rey

Elder Rey Rey is my new nickname by my comp and District Leader so I'm gonna roll with that for a couple weeks. hahaha love you all!! Have a great week. <3

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