Monday, September 28, 2015

What a Week

Hi everyone,

What a week! Just kidding that's just how every missionary starts their email. This week has been a good one. We have worked with a couple investigators and have baptisms set for the 10th of October so that will be super duper great!! Things are going good here in Washington.

We had a really cool experience with our Investigator MA. She had us meet her at Dairy Queen for the lesson which was awesome because FREE FOOD, but yeah. So then my comp asked her if she had anything going on and she didn't so we walked to the church like 1/4 mile away and gave her a church tour. "Tours lead to Tisms." A huge saying here. But we gave her a tour and then taught the Plan of Salvation in front of the baptismal font and committed her to being baptized on the 10th! It was such a blessing to have that in front of the font with the spirit there.

This week was our week without the car so I did a lot of walking and carrying heavy books of Mormon in my bag. My back and legs are sore every day. Oh well. (: It is awesome to walk. We rode our bikes two or three times this week but our area has a lot of hills so riding bikes sucks way bad. We make it like a quarter up the hill and just quit and walk. Yes, I'm still very lazy. We knock a lot. One day we had 6 hours of finding time which is where we are out talking to everyone and knocking on doors and things. It's sucky but also really good.

I've almost been gone from home for a month!! The mission is good so far and just keeps getting better. I'm short on time or I would share more. I love you all. I'd love to hear from each of you individually. Let me know how things are going. Letters are great and prayers for our 800!! WE need and want that goal and you can help.

This work is so special and so great. Let me know what I can do to help each of you in any way that is legal and within the mission rules.

Oh, and in our mission we can wear crazy socks anytime so if you see a super sick pair of socks. Send them on up. (: I love cool socks and actually bought a few last week.

Love you all, you really da best!!

Elder Trevor Scott Reynolds

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