Monday, October 19, 2015

Poulsbo is Home

Hey Everyone!!

Things here are going just great. My mom let me know that the Box Elder girls soccer team is in the state semifinal!?!? Everyone better be there at Juan Diego supporting them and cheering and sending them to Rio Tinto on Friday!!! That is the sickest thing ever! Good luck to all the girls playing and who are on the team for all the hard work they have put forth I'm super excited to hear next week that they are State Champs!!!!! I wish there was a more frequent mode of contact but hey once a week will do.

This last week I went on my first exchange ever in the mission. I went to the other ward in the same city the Poulsbo 1st ward. I was with Elder Stuart for a day. Elder Stuart has been out since June so he graduated this year too and he is awesome. He is in his third transfer. He is a lot less straightforward with people and so Tuesday was a great confidence builder for me because I had to talk. Elder Piel talks and I don't always have to say or explain as much but with Elder Stuart I definitely needed to do that more. I invited 3 people to be baptized and found 3 new investigators for their ward. It was so awesome and such a confidence builder in talking to people and realizing that I do know what I am talking about. I really enjoy talking to people and helping them understand the gospel.

Then we had a mission tour with Elder Gay from the 70 on Friday. He focused on working with members and finding a vision for your area. I have been praying for that vision this weekend and as long as I am here for longer I definitely will be looking to effectively work with members to accomplish the vision of seeing people baptized here in the Poulsbo 2nd ward. I learned how to overcome challenges better. PRAYER. I think prayer is kind of the cliche answer to everything and anything but this isn't cliche. The power of prayer with faith is so real. We haven't quite caught that vision yet, but I know when it comes it will be clear and will be what is needed here in our area. I love the people here and especially now that I know the members. I love them. They are so willing to help if we remind them and ask them. I am always scared to ask members to do things because it is a burden to them but I have realized that they are willing to do things, Just like investigators who are ready are willing to keep commitments if we just invite. I really love the saying that "nobody can accept the invitation to be baptized unless they are invited." I have realized that people won't do things unless they are asked, but if they are asked to do something, they will be willing to do them.

As a member of the church back at home support the missionaries in every way that you can. We are teaching only a few people so we are working to teach more people and find more to teach so that we can more effectively work with the members. So much happens in a week that it is hard to share so much. I hope you all know that I love you and pray for you every day. I know that this is real. I haven't seen anyone change their life fully yet but I do know that it can and will happen as long as I do the things that I am supposed to and I am exactly obedient.

I also encourage you all to ask yourself the question, "Am I a burden or a blessing?" WE were giving a lesson to a family who has a 9 year old daughter who will be baptized on November 1st. The Pacquettes. They are awesome. Elder Piel shared Genesis 12:3 with them and I realized that it brought up the burden or a blessing principle very well. I ask myself when meeting or interacting with anyone if I am a burden or a blessing in their life and I am striving to be a blessing in everyone's life. I encourage you all to do the same. Just ask if you are a burden or a blessing and you will see improvements like crazy.

I love you all!!!
Elder Trev Reynolds

Pictures of me feeding some Donkeys and a funny sign that we found about everyone bringing happiness that is kind of funny. (:

and here is a link to some more of the pictures Elder Rey Rey uploaded this week

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  1. He sounds really confident and happy! Love the pictures