Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pictures from the MTC

Elder Reynolds uploaded some pictures from his camera late last week.  Here are a few of the highlights.  We tried to piece together the names from different pictures and Elder Reynolds' letters home.  Hopefully we have them right.

Elder Reynolds and his companion Elder Jordan Devenberg

"Elder Kitchens is our District Leader.  He's the funniest kid ever!"

There are a few pictures of these four.  We assume that they are roommates.  Elder Reynolds, Elder Devenberg, Elder Reyes, Elder Partis

MTC District: Elder Hampton, Elder Stapely, Elder Bird, Elder Kitchens, Elder Nibley, Elder Cooper, Elder Partis, Elder Reyes, Elder Reynolds, Elder Devenberg 

Study Time

a fun shot of the whole district: Elder Stapely, Elder Reynolds, Elder Hampton, Elder Devenberg, Elder Bird, Elder Cooper, Elder Nibley, Elder Partis, Elder Reyes

Elder Reynolds begrudgingly took items his mom kept telling him he would want...some of the growth we have already seen comes in moments like these: "Then my bed where I sleep.  Mom, thanks for sending me with that blanket (:" 

Elder Reynolds has run into 7 other Elders from Box Elder.  Here he takes a picture with Elder Dylan Thompson

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