Saturday, September 5, 2015

First letter home via the mail 9/5/15


My first day in the MTC is complete! It's been a day full of crazy emotions and lots of busy classes and just kind of weird stuff. We first got in and I had a missionary take me all the way around. He took me and I got my tag and missionary card that I won't use until I'm in my mission.

We then came to my residence is what they call it and all they other guys suitcases were here. Elder Brown, the missionary that helped me told me to grab my ID card and key to my room and scriptures. I went to my classroom and met my district! We all get along super great and it is so much fun with these guys! My companion is Elder Devenberg and he reminds me sooo much of Corvin Arveseth! They have very similar personalities! We then went to meet the mission president and they all spoke and we sang "We'lll Bring the World His Truth" from the children's songbook and changed the words to "We are now the Lord's missionaries" and I almost started crying. The spirit is sooooo strong!! Everywhere here has such a special spirit.

Then we ate dinner at 4:15!! It was way too early for me!! But the food was pretty decent. After dinner we came back and got unpacked. It wasn't too bad and was pretty easy and stuff. Our room was pretty packed but it was good! Then we went and did this weird investigator thing but the spirit was really strong the whole time. I shared a little thing for part of the investigator lesson. I know it won't make any sense but it is what it is!

Then we went to a little tour and met our zone and zone leaders and they're really cool! I'll tell you more about my district as I learn more. My P-day is Monday so I'll be able to write again then. I'm loving it so much so it is good. I love you ALL so much!

Oh hey mom! Grandma Reynolds called this morning and told me about Carlos Partis and he is my district and he is a cool kid! Call her and let her know I know him when you get this! I love you All!! 

Best wishes from the Provo MTC

With much love,

Elder Trevor Scott ReynoldsEmoji

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