Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey everyone!

This week was a super good one. We had an awesome miracle. This week Leanne was baptized. She's been a little bit of a slow roaster and has been thinking about quitting smoking for a long time. Her Mom is a big influence on her continuing to smoke but this week in a sad way, but a miracle, Leanne left her house because of abuse from her Mom and because of that she didn't have a lot of money or funds and she made the decision to purchase anything so she didn't. She called us on Tuesday of this last week and said, I left the house and was going to be homeless, I went over to the Lakewood town center and was at the bus stop when I saw an old friend who I started talking to. As they talked Leanne shared the experiences that she was having and how she was going to be homeless. Her friend welcomed her to come and stay at the hotel that she was staying at...yes kind of interesting but it happened. They stayed there for a few days and then on Saturday we had her come to the baptism of a convert in another ward. We had a member pick her up at the church because they at the time were they put all their stuff in the church and we helped them get to the baptism. At the baptism the member found out that they were homeless and took them out to lunch, after finishing up lunch the Bishop met with them and got them a place to stay for the next couple of days and that's where they are now. The members stuck with them all the way through and ended up buying them a bunch of groceries and helped them out a lot. Then yesterday comes around and she has a ride to church, then she was baptized last night at 7:00. What a cool experience to be a part of. Often times we work really really hard for something and we feel like we aren't going to get it. We plead and pray and hope and work and sometimes it doesn't come in our timing, but I learned that it comes.

We also met our new mission president this week! He flew in on Friday and HE IS DOPE!! I love him so much. I had the chance to meet him at a baptism on Saturday and then he came to our baptism last night. He said on our conference call that him and Sister Leishman attended 5 baptisms this weekend. That's pretty sweet for only being in the mission for like 72 hours. They are the greatest people. It's really sad to see the Blatter's go but I've learned that the mission is in good hands. (: Other than that the week was pretty normal. Just a lot of hard work and finding the most we can. I hope that you all have a Happy 4th of July!!

Elder Reynolds

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