Monday, July 17, 2017

Decisions in our lives are all acts of faith

Hey everyone! Hope that you have had a great week. This week was a little bit slower work wise but it went by super fast! We got out and worked every day and it was super successful. We had a pretty cool baptism this week. Heleman Faamausili was baptized on Sunday. He was kind of a miracle for us, but kinda sad... Heleman is 13 and he was baptized when he was 8 in Samoa but his records were lost so we were able to teach him and have him baptized again this week. Their family is really cool. Someone told us a story while at the baptism that there was one of their family members that was baptized 3 times because they kept losing the records or not taking care of my friends! I've learned the value of keeping records and doing things right the first time..that's for sure! Other than that this week was just pretty fun.

We are teaching one of the most prepared people that I've ever met! Her name is LaDeisha Browne. She's pretty dope. She's on date to be baptized next weekend so we should be able to work with her this week and help that happen. She knows that she needs to and that this is true, it's just a matter of taking the leap of faith. But with faith you have to experiment or it doesn't work out. So taking a leap is the most important thing that you can do.

All members of the church have to do it at some point. For a lot of young men who grow up in the church it's taking the leap of faith to go on a mission. For others, it's taking on a new calling and being in charge of the Relief Society or another group. For young women it's deciding whether to go on a mission or to stay home and head to college. These decisions in our lives are all acts of faith and when we choose righteously and with faith, the blessings don't stop coming our way. I know it because I've seen the blessings in my life now. I know the church is true my friends. Hope you have a great week!

I love the WATAC and I love all of you!!

Elder Trevor Reynolds

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