Monday, July 31, 2017

I know that miracles happen

Hey everyone! We had a really good week here. Transfers were Tuesday so I got a new companion. Elder Allen is way awesome and I love the kid to death. This week we worked really hard and had a lot of fun. Being there is only 2 of us now in the ward it gives us the freedom to go wherever whenever. Which means that we just knock all day and we actually find quite a bit of success. This week was really good along the line of teaching and helping people prepare to be baptized.

On Sunday we had the baptism of Veasna Up for us and Elders and the Sisters baptized someone that I have worked with a little bit because we knock on her door quite often and I had the chance to teach her. So we had the baptism on Sunday night! Veasna was a miracle. We have been working with him for a couple of weeks but it's been hard to contact him because of his family situation. So we stopped by and didn't catch him during the afternoon because he was taking a shower. So we went to stop by again at night and we saw him walking down the road. So we pulled over and talked with him and asked if he still wanted to be baptized this weekend! He said yeah sure so we set up a time to go over the next day and talk to his mom about it. The next day we went over and talked with him and his mom and we went over the baptismal interview with him and got that taken care of and filled out the baptismal record with his Mom. She was very supportive and he was able to be baptized this weekend. I know that miracles happen and that God has a plan for young men like him to be prepared now to become servants of him.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week! I love it up here! Here are a few pictures from the week! Love you all!
Veasna's Baptism- Elder Reynolds and companion Elder Allen

 Sister White sent these pics to Tammy's cell phone on Sunday night.  Her texts said, "They are very busy today as you can see he said his hair is messy.  This picture was taken right after the baptism tonight.  We were in the Relief Society room greeting the newly baptized members and he came and said, Sister White let's take a selfie and took the picture right away before he said he'll fix his hair.  We looked at the pic and he said it's okay, that means we are really busy."

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