Monday, August 7, 2017

Just a lot of hard work

Missionary Leadership Council
This week was just a lot of hard work. We worked hard and were pretty effective but didn't see a whole lot of the fruits. Right now it's time to just work hard and find as many people as possible to head down to the waters of baptism. We have a lot of people right now that talk about having the desire to be baptized and take these steps but then not too much. I'm having a ton of fun with Elder Allen though. We get along well and it's a good time to be able to just work hard with the two of us.

I love my mission because I was able to put the things of the past in the past and focus on what is at hand. I have a quote by Pele that talks about success being loving what you are doing and working for it. So when you have a situation and you want to find success then you learn to love it and you work for it.

I'm grateful for your love and the opportunity that I have to be out here.
Have a great week!

Elder Reynolds

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