Monday, August 1, 2016

Make Miracles Happen

What an awesome week. We had the opportunity to get out and to work hard and find lots of new people to teach as well as have fun while doing it. The longer that I do this the more and more I realize that if you aren't having fun then you aren't doing it right. No matter what you are doing in this life you can have fun. I sure can anyway. Well there's a few things that maybe not but for the most part you can be having fun with everything that you do.

This week we went on exchanges. Exchanges are always fun so for one day I was on bike. Being on bike isn't too bad when it is sunny and warm outside. I honestly enjoyed it. We had the opportunity to teach Kirshna. She's so cool and way willing to learn. We had her come to a Book of Mormon study class and also taught her a lesson this week. We haven't had a chance to set a date for baptism yet but I know that she will as she continues to pray and keep commitments that we are giving her. She was the last door that we knocked one night during our 5-7's. My friends, I know for whatever reason that this happens often. When we are going through trials, or not finding lots of success in something that we do but we keep pushing anyway that we receive SOO many blessings that it is amazing.

I have seen on more than a handful of occasions that our Father in Heaven was allowing us to go through some rough people to find the most awesome people ever. For example, Kirshna and the Colvin family who were recently baptized. The day that I first knocked on their door we had gone through the whole street and had nobody be receptive but they were. Huge tender mercies that our Father gives to us ALL the time. I love it.

I also had a pretty crazy experience where we were out knocking and a 36 year old called me Hot and told me that I needed to sing for her...It was the funniest experience ever. We laughed it off and moved on but my companions gave me so much crap. It was funny. Just a little reminder that as a missionary I'm not prone to the influences of the world but I sure am protected. It was funny. Just a little side story but hope you all enjoy.

Make MIRACLES HAPPEN!! We live in a day of miracles I can promise you that!

Elder Trevor Reynolds
Elder Trev at the "Why I Believe Fireside"

Zone at the "Why I Believe Fireside"

Elders at the "Why I Believe Fireside"

Elder Trevor Reynolds 
Elder Trevor Reynolds

Elder Trevor Reynolds and Sister Ashlyn Larsen

Elder Trevor Reynolds and Sister Ashlyn Larsen


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