Monday, July 25, 2016

Simplicity of the Miracles

 Hey Everyone!

A great week here in the WATAC. Last Sunday President Blatter made an announcement that every morning every missionary has to run or walk a mile. So this week consisted of not only working out every morning but a run on top of a regular work out. Dang it kills me to get back into shape but I'm glad that i am doing it because it is definitely helping the missionary work.

This week we worked hard and lots of success was found. We had the opportunity for some reason to see a bunch of members through knocking and inspiring them to do things. Something that our mission has really been pushing is working with the members of the church. I love seeing members have the desire to share the gospel. One thing that I have noticed as a missionary is that the members don't do that much work but when they do things go a lot better.

I also had the awesome opportunity to go back to the Deschutes River Ward (my last area) and witness and participate at the baptism for the Colvin family. Someone that i have been working with for a really long time! I love their family so much and to see them enter into a covenant with our Father in Heaven was the best thing ever.

Covering two wards makes Sundays hard but Heavenly Father still seems to bless us with people to find and teach as we work on Sundays for a short 2 hours in the evening. This week we knocked on the door of Kirsha. She is way cool and we taught her the whole first lesson and helped her to feel the spirit. It reminded me of the simplicity of the miracles that our Heavenly Father performs and allows us to be apart of. It wasn't something that I haven't seen happen before but this time it helped me to be humble and recognize all of the simple blessings like that one.

We all have the opportunities in our lives. The opportunity to help someone who is in need, to do service for a friend or neighbor, to help someone with their groceries. Whatever it may be we need to be prepared to help and share what we know with others. I know it will bring blessings to our lives. I love you all!!

Elder Trevor Reynolds

P.S. While we were doing service we got the chance to take some pretty cool pics in front of this Mustang. Hope you enjoy. (: My hot companion and I! Love that dang kid!


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