Monday, August 22, 2016

A Pretty Awesome Week

Had a pretty awesome week here. We worked hard and we had a goal as a mission for how many other lessons we were going to teach. Unfortunately because of the streets that we knocked there were a lot of people who were not down to hear much of what we had to say so we struggled. But it worked out. 

I had the awesome opportunity of seeing Daryl be baptized this weekend. It was such a special experience and the spirit was so strong. He even came to church the next day to be confirmed in a suit. I didn't even know he owned a suit so that was really cool. I love being able to be apart of Baptisms and be able to know what our Heavenly Father has in store for each and every one of us. 

Tomorrow is transfers so I'll be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Strong. From what I hear he is a cool kid and we should have a lot of fun together. Sad to see Elder Sutton and Elder Sulcer go because they have been way fun to work with but they have other places to be. 

Recently I studied a principle of teaching effectively and teaching for understanding. At District Meeting Wednesday there was an awesome comment made from one of the members. Don't teach so that they can understand, teach so that they can't possibly misunderstand. I believe there was a name with who that quote went to but I can't remember it. I think that is very important though. When we teach people to understand something from what we say they can get a lot, but if we teach so simply and purely that they can't possibly misunderstand this is where we can find a lot of success. It reminded me of something that Nate Bywater (Box Elder's HS soccer coach) would tell us all the time. "Don't practice it until you get it right, do it until you can't get it wrong." This is an eternal principle that will bring many blessings to you in your lives i can promise you that. I hope you all have a great week! 

It also got really hot this week so knocking and being out in the heat was brutal but we had some fun with it. (:

Elder Reynolds (:

Daryl's Baptism- Elder Sutton and Elder Sulcer

HOT Temperatures 100 degrees!

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