Monday, August 8, 2016

Focus and Priorities

This week was absolutely awesome for our companionship. As a mission we have been focusing on our goal of inviting people to be baptized. We had a goal of 10,000 and we got 16,000. Some peopled didn't quite do it in the right way but that is alright. They will fix it and we should be able to reach our new goal this upcoming week. I had the opportunity this week to go out knocking with some of the priests in the ward. Since they came with us we had the opportunity to have 52 lessons taught with a member present and 54 other lessons that we taught with just missionaries. It's so cool to help the priests and myself to recognize how blessed we truly are when we know that Christ is our savior and that he will allow us to become clean as we follow him.

A cool experience happened in Sacrament Meeting where a young girl got up and bore her testimony on how her Baptism helped her out in her life. She is only 8 years old and she knows without a doubt that Jesus Christ loves her. This is what all people need and are able to recognize if they humble themselves and do the things that God has asked of them. It's a huge blessing.

Working hard and having a plan for the work that you are going to do is something that has brought so much success lately. When we purely just work hard sometimes it's like a story that Elder Dallin H. Oaks shared in his talk entitled Focus and Priorities.
 Two men formed a partnership. They built a small shed beside a busy road. They obtained a truck and drove it to a farmer’s field, where they purchased a truckload of melons for a dollar a melon. They drove the loaded truck to their shed by the road, where they sold their melons fora dollar a melon. They drove back to the farmer’s field and bought another truckload of melons for a dollar a melon. Transporting them to the roadside, they again sold them for a dollar a melon. As they drove back toward the farmer’s field to get another load, one partner said to the other, “We’re not making much money on this business, are we?”“No, we’re not,” his partner replied. “Do you think we need a bigger truck?”
When I read this I thought it was quite funny. These guys worked really hard but on the wrong thing. They didn't recognize how not so smart they were being and not making any money. Kind of interesting. This is something that we all need to apply into our lives. When we work hard and that work is focused and prioritized then we receive so many blessings because of it.

This week we went through 5 gallons of Milk. We are working out every morning and taking protein shakes and eating healthy and things and in 6 days between 3 people we went through 5 gallons of milk, another half gallon of Chocolate milk, as well as 4 1.5 Liter Chocolate milk that we got at Costco last week. Plus we ate a bunch of food too. So there you go. The mission diet is insane! When you are trying to bulk up you gotta eat a lot so I guess that is just a part of life. (: hahaha

Also we are always playing jokes or messing with each other. Right now Elder Sulcer and Sutton like to refer to me as being Salty ALL the time. It makes for fun conversation and lots of interesting debates/conversations. Fast Sunday was the worst for this because we were all way hungry so not only was I salty but so were they. We had a big salt fest as many would call it. It's a fun time to be able to mess with the companions that you have. We have a great relationship and it causes for a lot of good missionary work to be done. We even saw a sign that said it so we HAD to take a picture because I'm so salty.

Sorry this is kinda long! But I love you all! Hope you have a great week (:
Elder Reynolds

Also a picture of Elder Piel and I at a meeting because he is going home in like a week and half so I had to get a picture cause I wont' see him for awhile!

Click on the link for: More pics of Elder Reynolds at Why I Believe Fireside and MLC

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