Monday, February 22, 2016

Obedience, Hard Work & Faith - Good things happening in Skyline

"Why I Believe" Fireside- Tacoma- February 21, 2016 
This week here in the WA-TAC has been another good one. It has seemed to go by quicker than a few of the other ones but it was still good. We taught a lot of lessons and are helping people to progress to come closer to Jesus Christ. It sounds to me like everyone at home is living the good life and doing good things. I love hearing stories and things from you guys.

Yesterday we had 6 investigators at church and could have potentially had more but a few of them didn't come. Sad day that they didn't. But this is by far the most I have ever had in my mission. It was sooo cool because we were so busy running around trying to figure everything out and it was probably the best problem that i possibly could have had. I love having to be worried about so many people coming to church and things. T. S. was confirmed and then the rest of church was really cool because we have an investigator who has gone through a lot of struggles in his life. His name is D. Then the sunday school and priesthood lessons were focused on Adversity and overcoming it and bringing ourselves closer to Christ. Probably the coolest thing ever because twice now on my mission I have had people come to church for the first time and the lessons pertain to something that we just happened to talk to them about like the day before. Like WHAT!?!? Heavenly Father works in the coolest ways evverr!! I love it.

Tomorrow will be the Baptism of E. A 10 year old investigator that is super duper awesome. I am so excited to see people take steps and improve their lives. We also have another investigator on date for 2 weeks out. So lots of good things happening here in Skyline. Next Tuesday is transfers but I'm pretty sure I am staying. Next week I will know and I will let you all know if I'll be here in Skyline or off to share the gospel with other sheep that our Heavenly Father has.

So T. was confirmed and the Zone Leaders asked us if he would be willing to speak at the fireside last night. He accepted and he shared such an awesome testimony with over 150/200 people and it was sick. The spirit was so strong and he has only been an official member of the church for like less than 24 hours right now. The spirit is so cool and there was a lot more to his story than I even knew myself. The day before we knocked on his door he was reading in James 1:5. What 20 year old kid does that?!?!?!? I know that I probably wouldn't have been studying like he does even as a member of the church. Had to have been the coolest thing ever. The reason that I have seen miracles like T. and D. is because of Obedience, Hard Work, and Faith. My companion and I push each other like crazy and it has brought so many miracles. I know with a surety that as we push harder than we think we can in all aspects of missionary work that we gain blessings because of it. I know my Heavenly Father watches out for the people that I will talk to and allows them the opportunity to share this gospel with them. I know for a fact that as you put your trust in your Heavenly Father he will allow you opportunities to share the gospel with people all the time. You don't have to wear a name tag or have a title. More and more there is a story shared about the BYU Jerusalem campus. In the process of getting the property the church was told that no proselyting could be done. They agreed but one of the people in the meeting said, "What are we going to do about the light in their eyes?" Family and friends you all have a light in your eyes that you can share with others and it is undeniable to them. They will see the blessings that you know to be true and have the desire to have the same. I love you all, have a great week!!!

Elder Trevor Scott Reynolds

P.S. Sorry this email was so long this week I promise it will be worth the read. (;  

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