Monday, December 14, 2015

Preacher Teaching

Hey everyone!!

This week was a great one here in the Poulsbo Mission. haha We have done a lot and transfers were this week so Elder Quinton and I have other missionaries serving around us now and it is a lot of fun to have new people around and things. It's great. We had the opportunity to teach a preacher and be able to help him learn and he has asked us to come by again and continue teaching him so that will be super awesome if he accepts those things. It really doesn't feel like Christmas here without the snow but it is definitely December now so I'm really excited. I love this gospel and things are awesome.

We have had the opportunity to start teaching and finding more people that will be taught this upcoming week. It is awesome to see how when we changed just a few small simple things how much better things have gone this last week and we are striving to see similar results this upcoming week as we work harder and are more diligent in all that we do. I hope you are all safe and warm with the snow. I am doing great here. Our apartment is safe and we haven't had any struggles with flooding and we haven't heard much about it but we know that a few other people are in need of some help so this upcoming week we may be helping out a little bit more than we have this last week. Things are so awesome here to be able to help people and see the results of service.

I hope you all have a great week and that things are going great. I know that Jesus Christ is such an awesome influence in each of our lives. He allows each of us the opportunity to become better and become like him in the end. I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Reynolds

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