Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hey Everyone!!

Merry Christmas to you all and have a Happy New Year this upcoming week. Christmas week here in the WA-TAC was super duper sick! IT was horrible when it came to finding people and working but when it came to hanging and talking with other missionaries it has been the best week ever. It is frustrating that people don't want to learn right now but at the start of the new year tons of people are willing to learn and talk to us so it will be getting really busy really soon. The mission Christmas party was the craziest thing ever and so much fun. I really enjoyed spending time with the whole mission. Christmas day was super fun. I was on the phone with the fam for like 3 hours and you have all seen pictures I'm sure. The best part of Christmas was spending time with Gary Hind who went through a ton of effort to make us a Turkey dinner and helped us out on Christmas day. He is such a sweetheart and really helped me to remember the true meaning of Christmas. He isn't worried about gifts or parties or anything. Just becoming more like Jesus Christ and that is something that we can all work on in our lives. As we continue to go into the new year the best thing that we can be doing is setting goals to improve ourselves and become more Christlike. As we find things that we can do better and make them happen, we will be blessed more than we can imagine. I love this gospel.

On Sunday we saw our first snow of the year in Poulsbo but it didn't even last all day. It is back to the rainy season again. YAY (: Snow was the coolest thing ever. I am doing good and I love this place so much. I can't say it enough. I hope you all have felt the true meaning of Christmas this year and can carry it through the rest of the year. It is such a special time of year and I love it so much. I hope and pray for you all every day.

Much love,
Elder Trevor Reynolds

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