Monday, May 8, 2017

Things here in the hood are way good

Heyyy everyone! Things here in the hood are way good. Being transferred to Lakewood this week was a lot of fun. I definitely miss the Wapato Park ward but Lakewood is so awesome. We have so many things to be doing, so many people to talk to and a lot of work to do. Our companionship is great too! Elder Chidester, our greenie, is from Townsend, Massachusetts. It's like 45 minutes outside of Boston or something. He's a super cool kid and it's been a lot of fun to work with him! Elder Anderson went to East High School so I know a lot about his situation. He played football and He's super cool. I honestly love the kid to death and we have a lot of fun together. Then we have Elder Turley, He's from Linden, I think I may have shared that last week. He went to Timpanogos High School so we don't know much of anything about each other but He's fantastic too! So much fun to work all together with the four of us just working the "hood" if you will. We are in the ghetto. I found out recently that the area in which I serve is where the show Cops started. So that's pretty cool. We even have an area that a lot of people refer to as "Chocolate City" because there is so much Black Tar Meth that comes through....It's kinda fun (:

Other than that there isn't much going on. We had another Why I Believe Fireside this week where one of the people that I found while out here spoke. Her name is Ane Sefika. She is from the islands and is Samoan, we knocked on her door three times before we got the chance to teach her. Then we invited her to be Baptized and from that day forth she has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and she was baptized about a month ago. It's so crazy to hear and see the stories that people talk about. I'm so grateful to have been a part of them. Then we had to go to work. Here in Lakewood we knock a lot of doors and teach a lot of lessons so we are in a really blessed area. It's so much fun!

The WATAC is the coolest place on Earth. I'm sure that everyone who goes to their mission talks about how cool it was, but the WATAC, honestly has changed my life. It's the coolest place ever. Because of the experiences that I have had here, I will never be the same again. That's how it is with the Gospel, if you live it. It will change you. You can't change the gospel, but the gospel can change you. If you let it change you, you'll find more happiness and joy than anywhere else in the world. it will bring you more happiness than anything else in the world. I know it. I know it's true without a shadow of a doubt in my mind.

Love you all!
Elder Trevor Reynolds
Elders-Reynolds, Turley, Chidester & Anderson

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