Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Change in Attitude and Pants

Hey everyone!!

This week here in the best mission in the world was weird!! Things seemed slower but still were pretty good. After email last Tuesday everything was weird though. The whole week we just seemed to be kind of going along with the motions and not really doing that well. It wasn't that we were doing bad just not doing the best that we could and we didn't know how to fix it just because it felt weird. So I prayed and prayed and finally on Saturday during our 5-7's things seemed to click back in to order.

I was starting to feel down and feel like I wasn't doing something right. We went throughout Saturday and the day wasn't out of the ordinary. We were working and then 5-7's came. We made sure that we were on time by rushing a little bit while we were driving...companion was speeding a little bit. Then we knocked and the people that we talked to just weren't interested the entire time. It was pretty discouraging and I was starting to feel a little bit down about the things that I was doing. Then the last door that we knocked on at like 6:55 was a man named "C". He basically quoted the Plan of Salvation and he is meeting with us again this upcoming Thursday. It was so awesome to see Heavenly Father change my attitude so quickly because at that moment I felt 180 degrees better and I was back on track. I know that Heavenly Father wants us to feel good and confident but sometimes he just has to let us get down so that we can realize how truly blessed we are.

Thursday was park day. That means that every car in the mission is parked and the missionaries ride bikes or walk. So we were riding bikes because our area is pretty spread out. In the afternoon we biked to downtown and then got home and I felt a tiny hole in the crotch of my pants. I was like ehh it'll be alright I'll just fix it later. We got outside of the apartment to get back on our bikes and I stepped over the seat and BOOM!!! My pants ripped (blew up as my companion would say.) It was so funny so we took pictures and it was fun. Things are good here. Having fun and working hard always brings blessings. I hope you all have a great week.

Love you all!!
Elder Reynolds

Shout out to the soccer team for keeping that county cup! Now go get the bigger one and kill it in region. (:

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