Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter Season

Hey Everyone!!

Things here in Washington are alright. These last two weeks have been awesome but always pretty rough at the same time. The week of Halloween was great and we carved pumpkins at the Bishops house and if you have seen the picture I tried to carve a Book of Mormon pumpkin...but It ended up Book of Momon and I got made fun of. Then Elder Piel left. On Halloween we were at the stake center and we played games as a zone and watched 17 miracles. The spirit was so strong when it comes to the pioneers and the things that they went through so that we can all have what we do have and be happy. It was an awesome day. Then this last week. My first full week with Elder was a pretty rough one. Our numbers have been super duper slim and it wasn't that great because we aren't teaching anyone right now. We have a few people that are potentially investigators and are actually somewhat solid but we are definitely still working on making things better and working harder. We have set goals this week to invite people to be baptized and do better.

We have had some funny experiences too! I have had some struggles. But one thing that I realized big time this last week: If I am happy and go lucky then the people that I am talking to see that. They realize how happy I am and then they have the desire to have that happiness for themselves. It works for everyone too. I recognize that the personality that you carry really does have an effect on people. (I hope I used the right form of effect/affect idk!? Oh well) So anyway. If I am happy then people want to have that happiness too and that is why people are curious about the church and have desires to learn and grow in the church more.

Elder Quinton is a lot more quiet than Elder Piel and taking over the area has definitely been an adjustment but not too bad. This first week together was really rough and definitely a rebuild week but we are looking for great things to come.

The rainy season is here. It sucks but I love it at the same time. Most of the time the rain isn't too heavy so we can walk around in a light jacket and not get too wet but I have had my jacket soak through once after walking around in the rain for a few hours. SO that is fun. I'm getting used to being wet all the time and it isn't that bad anymore. I have heard about some snow in the Utah area and the mountains here are beautifully snow capped and it is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could capture a picture of it but it wouldn't even do a justice. Things are settling in and becoming more real but I don't feel like a missionary yet. I'm just out here doing what I know my heavenly father wants me to do and I know as we do so we will be blessed.

I love hearing from each of you and feel your prayers. We are way behind on our baptismal goals as a mission but I know we can reach them with faith. So pray for us here. We can do hard things and make accomplishments. Nothing is insurmountable when the Lord is on your side. Love you all!!

Elder Reynolds

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