Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Things are going Fantastic!

This week was a real good week. I had a ton of fun and we worked hard. We tried something a little bit new for our finding efforts. A lot of roads haven't been knocked out here in awhile but the houses are way spread out so walking it isn't that effective. So we got on our bikes and we bike knocked some of the boonie roads. It was WAY effective so we are going to be doing some more of that as of this week. It was tiring, I was way tired but not bad enough to not do it again.
Things have been going well and within the next two weeks we should have two baptisms so that is always good.  The ward is picking up and starting to make some solid commitments.
This week I am going to the Portland Temple with a recent convert of a few months. We have been working to get him to the Temple for a while now and we get to go. It's going to be awesome!! The Portland Temple is absolutely gorgeous.
Other than that things are going fantastic!  We are just work work working.
I love you guys and hope you are all doing great!
Elder Trevor Reynolds

Here is what we found outside our apartment last night. Never a dull moment in the mission life!

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